Festival of Champions Offseason Event

To increase the visibility and attendance of Festival of Champions, it might be a good idea for FIRST to host an official full offseason event during the Festival. The Houston and St. Louis alliances would be allowed to attend for free, and the rest of the slots would be filled through a normal registration process. The two Festival alliances could even be guaranteed a qualification match against each other. Such an event could bring more spectators to Festival of Champions in the form of teams attending the offseason.

I love the idea, two small changes: first-make the actual champions match before the competition and then have an offseason tournament; second- use iri rules

This sounds like a good idea, but I doubt FIRST would want the overhead of running an entire offseason event in addition to the whole FoC. It would also be hard for them to pick the best teams to attend because they would not want to upset any teams (I know most teams would understand, but as the competition’s governing organization it doesn’t put them in a good spot PR-wise). And they definitely wouldn’t change the rules like they do for IRI.

I wonder if it would be possible for some nearby team to hold their own IRI-style offseason competition. Have an application process and only allow in the top so many teams. This would ease the burden of FIRST and allow us to change the rules like many offseason competitions do.

It’s too late for this to happen this year, but if the FoC is here to stay, it’s not too soon to start planning for next year.

I thought the OP was implying that any team can come but the Champs get guaranteed slots. FIRST would simply be able to say this is like any regional competition with 8 guaranteed slots, meaning first come first serve, that would very unlikely be a PR issue

My bad; I read IRI rule changes and my mind went all the way to IRI application process. It’s still way more likely for it to happen run by a team instead of FIRST because of the increase planning and overhead. Having an invitational like IRI would be cool if it’s being run by a team, but it’s not necessary.

I thought that’s what it was?

I’m surprised Andrew didn’t beat me to it.

I think it’d be especially popular if they did it a la IRI or Ramp Riot, where the entrance fee was a small amount of cash, and a charitable act, be it the backpack to donate, or the cans of food, or something else. Kinda stresses the “more than robots” part.

I love the idea, and really hope and wish HQ announced it. At the very least, it’d be awesome to see.

Now if FIRST could just make sure some of the champions would actually show up given the economical and time off hardships faced…

I’d get rid of Einstein and turn FoC into basically a 48 team event of all the alliances that won there divisions because arguably the two alliances who won in StL and Hou are not necessarily the best. They were both the best at there respective championships, but given an entirely different round robin the 2 championship alliances could 2 entirely different alliances. In theory the 2 alliances that played in the finals at StL could be better than the championship alliance of Hou, or vice versa.

I would be interested in seeing an event where all the division winners come together, play qualification matches and form new alliances. With the large divide in teams between the regions, there may be some interesting alliances that could come forward.

I also like the idea of division winners all attending one event.

Personally I’d like to keep the FOC the way it is. It should be the finals for the 2 winners and that’s where it should end. There’s no need to dilute it with random other robots that shouldn’t be there. Just takes away from the people who earned their way there. It’s like having 5% of Champs be teams that qualified and then 95% be waitlist. Just because they did that in Houston this year, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea :).

Not sure where those numbers came from ::rtm::

Its just statistically possible that they are not the best two alliances in the FRC world, and that if all division winners were put together in another tournament. The truly best alliance would be placed on top.

Just like regional winners may not be the best alliances in that region. For example in MN there are 4 regional events the winners of those 4 events may have been the best at those events respectively, but if pooled together and reseeded a better alliance may come out on top, but that is why the district system is being implemented.

FIRST will have enough trouble getting just 8 teams to go to FOC, let alone 48 from across the world.

Bingo. A lot of team’s are already stretching their resources to just go to worlds, (especially ones across the country, or even on the other side of the worlds). Asking them to do that again isn’t going to work out.

67% of all statistics are made up … just like this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even for our program, this would be tough to do unless FIRST helped with all of the robot costs and other logistical costs other than the basic travel (airfare, hotel, car).
The bigger issue to me is if 1 or more teams cannot go. It kind of deflates the whole competition aspect, because if 1 alliance wins while the opposing one had missing teams, there will be a lot of what ifs.

I was very surprised to learn FIRST would not be covering the travel costs for the North and South teams. Surprised more people haven’t mentioned this publicly.

A skeleton crew from each team at the very least should have been paid for.

If Festival of Champions was being held in a cool city, someone would argue that kids could at least make a little vacation out of the trip, but Manchester NH isn’t exactly a destination for most folks…can’t justify a lot of money for a weekend across the country.

I also thought it was a competition.

If it’s not, then what is the Festival Of Champions all about?