Festo Pressure Regulator Options

Hey there everyone, your resident Festo Application Engineer here.

Just wanted to take a minute to inform everyone of a new-ish, and newly reduced in price, regulator and pressure gauge combo unit available that may be of interest to folks looking for greater flow rate through their regulator, or reduction in component count and weight for their pneumatic system.


The MS2-LR-QS6-D6-AR-BAR-B (I know, really rolls off the tongue) has integrated 6mm tubing push-to-connect fittings, and a pressure gauge mounted to the front that displays Bar and PSI units.

A mounting bracket and plastic retaining nut are available, but the unit can also be mounted only utilizing the nut if you want to put your own mounting hole somewhere.

If you’re already utilizing 4mm or 5/32" diameter tube, I’ve included some reducing connectors to go from the 6mm ports to 4mm on the below BOM, as well as an option configured without the gauge. You’ll also find the data sheets and catalog links for the components.

BOM - Regulator and Accessories

These things are pretty tiny, and competitively priced, but you’ll have to contact Festo for official quoting and ordering. I had one of these on my desk a few weeks ago, and grabbed this pic (grande iced latte for scale):

My inbox is always open for any Festo related questions or assistance. Best of luck with the rest of your build season!


These are awesome. The varying sizes for tube inlet and outlet is a very nice feature.

Is there a simple way to buy Festo components? IE anybody does web sale or such?

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Your best bet, unless you happen to know a local distributor or Festo rep, would be to call our Customer Service Center to set up an account. Let them know you’re an FRC team and they’ll tie your account to the FIRST discount pricing, which is very competitive to similar products on everything FRC-relevant that I’ve looked into.

After your account is created and approved (might take 24 hours), you’ll be able to order via our online shop, or calling customer service.

If you (or anyone else) run into any issues, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do to help!


Is the gauge retained with a spring clip in the regulator or a threaded connection? Are the gauges sold alone?

The gauge is threaded for a G1/8 port.

The gauges are sold alone as PN 8088991.

If you were to order the regulator option without the gauge, it just has a G1/8 thread plug in its front port instead of the gauge.

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For anyone not in the know, Festo parts are top notch. We use solely Festo parts for our pnuematics every year. (Disclaimer, sponsored)

Of particular note, I’d like to give a shout-out to their solenoid manifolds and their adjustable dampened pistons.


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