Festo Solenoid Control Question

We are having trouble controlling our Festo Solenoid from the Analog Breakout Card. It appears the Festo runs off of 12V control signals, but we are only able to generate 5V outputs from our breakout card.

Currently we have the controller outputs directly connected to the PWM inputs on the Festo. Do we actually require a Spike relay in between in order to control with 12V signals? Or is there a way in LabVIEW to change the outputs from 5V to 12V instead?

In the FRC documentation we see the connections straight from the Analog Breakout Card to the Solenoid, however in their connections they are actually using an SMC as opposed to our Festo.

TIA for the help.

The analog breakout (in the first slot) cannot control a solenoid valve. For that, you use a pneumatics module (third slot I believe) with a pneumatics breakout on top. The power supply for the pneumatics breakout determines the voltage to the valve.