Festo Solenoid

Our team can’t seem to get the new Festo solenoid to open/close. We’re using LabView and are using the Solenoid Bumper. We tried different channels and swapping the wires. Also, any ideas what the blue switches at top do? We figured they were for manual override, but they don’t appear to do anything. Thanks in advance!

I’m not electrical so I hope some one better comes along to help but is it wired correctly as the new festo’s in the KOP this year are 24v not 12v.

Yes, the light on the solenoid turns on when the solenoid is supposed to be open and the light turns off when the solenoid is supposed to be closed.

If it is set and wired like mark described in post #3 I would think it is a bad unit… http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80740

Oh, I re-read that and discovered we were in fact not giving it the full 24V. Thanks so much it’s working now!

Glad I could help and it was a quick fix… I wish all the problems that came up during build were like this :slight_smile: