festo solenoid

so one of my freshman discarded my festo manual with the instructions of how to wire it… so now I’m trying to wire it and my first instinct is RTFM, but its gone. I cant seem to find instructions on their site, so I was wondering if there is an online site. I know there are little numbers on 3 of the 4 contacts, the 4th contact is the ground, and has the ground symbol. the other three are numbered, I cant recall now. somebody please if you can direct me to an online manual, or can tell me how to wire it so that it can function as a single solenoid.

did you try the pneumatics manual on teh first site?

I’m not sure if you can wait, but I planned on assembling the solenoid tommorow, so I can help with the instructions of it tommorow.

yes, that was my first attempt after noticing that the manual was gone, but they have jack squat about hooking up the elctrical contacts of solenoids

well I’ll next be making a crack on it tomorrow as well, so I’ll be on the forums. I’ll probably be availible from say 10AM until maybe 3:15PM. I know it will work, I used the manual switch and it worked, the problem is only that I dont know which contact the hot wire should go in, and there are 3 contacts that it could be.

I’m not sure if this is the valve you are talking about but look on page 15 of the pneumatics manual.

Is this what you’re looking for? last page shows three terminals A, B, C


Just follow the picture… :wink:

sorry, but thats not the festo solenoid I have. its the white plastic shelled sleek one. it has 4 contacs 1 is ground and 3 are for the hot wire. I’ll be trying again tomorrow…
as for that picture, I saw that and the whole thread is hilarious. pm me and I’ll tell you a dumb idea I’m planning to try but I’m not sure if it violates the ‘no dumb post rule’…

That’s not the current festo valve.

ok I’m in working on the bot today, so PM me if you have a correctly wired 2004 festo solenoid.

It is a fesco, the new one. It has a curved shape. I think most of the people here are thinking about the fesco that has the metal body and black solenoid.

sorry, dont know how to wire it!

ok, so I’m getting a tad impatient. in the baggy that it came in was a little sheet of paper, like a mini book. all it had was instructions to connect and wire it. if ANYONE has it, I would jump for joy if you could just tell me what the 3 hot terminals do… I’m sorry if I’m rude, but its frustrating me that my pneumatics parts and manuals keep dissapearing, and that festo’s website has no wiring instructions anywhere. remeber if its not the new, smooth, sleek, white plastic single solenoid then its not the festo solenoid I’m talking about… screams in frustration

now here is what I know, 1 is input, 3 is exhaust, 2 is output and 4 is output when the solenoid is switched, there are 4 contacts, one is ground (it has a symbol instead of a number to indicate that) and the other 3 are numbered 1,2,3. there is no contact numbered 4. it is a single solenoid so it snaps back to the off position when I release the manual switch or remove power (if I could apply it…). now I have a question, is it possible that what I thought was the the ground contact is actually the hot contact, and that I need to connect ground to the #2 contact and the hot wire to the non-numbered one?

The following is directly from the operating sheet included with the valve…

“Electrical Connection
Slide gray connector from black housing (can be pushed out from top with supplied screw), and wire per the following:
1 – Negative
2 – Positive
3 – Not required
Note: If the polarity is switched, the valve will still switch, but the LED will not work.”

A copy of the operating sheet will be on the FESTO.COM/US website within the next day.



The FESTO valve for 2004 has been switched, to one that weighs 1/4 last years model.

The valve shown in the photos above is not the current valve.

The operating sheet, which contains a picture of the valve will be available on the web site tomorrow (festo.com/us)


thanks VERY much. this is all I needed! the solenoid works now, albiet oddly… currently I’m using it to control the exhaust of a double solenoid which controls a 2" bore cylender (for multi positioning purposes). the input of air from the exhaust enters port #1, and I put a plug in port #2 (a t-bracket fed back on itself) the exhaust is blocked when the solenoid is OFF, not ON, which bugs me in case it fails. anyway, so my first instict was to plug port #4 (next to port #2) because air flows out of it when the solenoid is switched, however that does not block the exhaust at all when I do that. is it possible that I need to plug port #3 as well? and is port #3 the exhaust port?

The operating instructions, which were shipped with the valve, are now available at the Festo website.


There is information how the valve works on that sheet, which hopefully answers questions regarding which ports are active when.


Aren’t these the same instructions as last year’s, which someone said does not apply to this year’s valve?

The link was updated with the new valve info as of yesterday.


positive to #2 and negitive to #1

You should also check the forum on multi-positioning with solenoids to be sure you stay under 60 PSI.