Festo Valves 2 in manual but only 1 in KoP -- Clarification Needed

I was hoping that someone could maybe provide some clarification here.

In the 2008 pneumatics manual, on page 5 it says that Festo has provided 2 valves.

In the KoP checklist on page 9, it only calls out 1 Festo valve.

We only have 1 Festo valve in our KoP per the checklist.

Should we have gotten 2 and which of these documents is incorrect?

We only received one, but I think we received 2 last year. However you should be able to use as many as you want.

Yeah that’s not the issue.

My concern is one document says that we’re getting 2 and then the other says that we only should have 1.

I am trying to figure out where the disconnect is between the manual and the checklist.

Also if the manual is in error then it needs to be updated to avoid confusion.

most likely the manual has the error in my opinion because I am guesstimating that the checklist gets much more scrutinizing in the “how much did we ship?” department…


p.s. didn’t know guesstimating was a word (according to firefox) … cool :slight_smile: