festo valves

So I’m sorry if I’m reposting, but i cant seem to find this anywhere, where do you buy the FRC Festo valves? i searched through the Festo online catalog and was unable to find it.

Anyone have a link?

thanks in advance


If it doesn’t matter what brand of solenoids you need.


I would buy some SMC ones, I’ve been much happier with them than the festo ones. Not sure on price difference, but if you need it for FRC use it shouldn’t matter if you use SMC or the festos.


Thanks RC

I’m a little confused as to which of those parts i need for the double. one says mandatory and one doesn’t and there is no change on the displayed picture in the sites. any insight?

once again thanks for the help

Sorry for the confusion:

Solenoid: SY3240-6H
Manifold: SY3000-27-1T (Mandatory)

For every solenoid you need one manifold (unless you buy a one gigantic manifold). So both are necessary to make a double solenoid work.


ah thanks for the clarification!


I seem to remember that the Festo valves were a special model provided to FIRST, or perhaps a discontinued model, and we were told they were not available for extra purchase.

Okay so those solenoids are back ordered for four weeks would these replacements work?


or perhaps


these are from the same distributor but would these work as replacements or do we need to wait out the four weeks?

Also what is the true difference between a single and double solenoid? I cant seem to find that information anywhere.


These will NOT work on an FRC robot. These are rated for 110VAC operation.

12v solenoids from SMC have 6 in the first character of the second group of their part number, for example VQZ2221-6LO-N7T.

Single acting solenoids have their output directly controlled by the input; thus, when the power is turned off or disabled, the output returns to the “off” output no matter what. Double acting solenoids only change their output when the input signals are toggled; thus they can maintain either output with a loss of signal.

Another way to describe single vs. double solenoid: Single solenoid valves are actuated by the solenoid, but are spring loaded to return to the normal state when the solenoid is off. So they will actuate only while the solenoid is energized, and will return to normal state when power is off. A double solenoid is solenoid-driven in both directions, and has no spring. Either solenoid is energized to actuate the valve into either state. The valve will remain in the last state, even without power, until it is electrically or manually changed.

alright thanks for the help guys!

we decided to go with buying a couple of the single solenoids as they were in stock. My team has always used the doubles so this will be an experiment.

Thanks for the help and quick responses everyone!