few screen shots of me installing..

just say i was bored and had nothing else to do. so i installed mac os x 10.3 on my laptop:P… and it took me 2 freaking hours to install. I was satisfied with the preformance that i got /

Sweet. I love it when people put newer software on older machines. What machine is it exactly?

Also, you may be interested in my little Mac project www.classicserver.net

lol, it’s not entirely an old machine i only had it for half a year… it’s a Laptop AMD M2500+ 512mb running on mac.

that’s awesome!! hosting with old mac.

Oh wow, okay. So it is a PC machine runing Apple OS. Sweet!

Come on! Go full out and get a real mac, not just the OS!
stares at the G5 sitting behind him in the room longfully
Wish I could use the G5(which techinically belongs to NASA) and not just our G4. :smiley:

If Mac had a TabletPC laptop equivilant i would be all over it. Its really a pitty they dont, since i know an apple tablet would beat ANY TPC on design and functionality.

I love Macs, but there is no way I could afford one of there laptops (with a 15in screen, anything else is too small).