[FF]: 2010 Season Long Fantasy FIRST


Now that the last draft is over, this is your reminder: the divisional drafts lock Wednesday at midnight, so you have until then to make trades, figure out that your favorite team switched divisions and trade them, and all that sort of thing. Once the deadline passes, the only thing left is to wait for the scores…and watch the matches, of course!


I need to make awards for the MVP of Fantasy FIRST and the Rookie of the Year.
Can someone with access to the information let me know who was the top rated team and the highest rated rookie?


1114 had 158 in Waterloo, 113 in Toronto, and 105 in Pittsburgh for the top rating (over 359).

Rookie is 3256, 96 in Sacramento (and another 28 in Silicon Valley), over 3123’s 90 in DC.


I’m hardly surprised by 1114.
So long as they can get a Chairman’s in Waterloo they’re probably going to keep winning the FF MVP til they take the championship Chairman’s home.
I’ll have to look up 3256’s website to find out what their logo is so I can get their award to them.


Matthew Bliss (missing Buckeye Dean’s List winner) is from team 2172.


I think it’s safe to say Barry ran away with the championship (341, 469. 217 and 67) but we should probably get it scored anyways to make sure.


I’ve got a ton of stuff going on right now, I will not be able to get this in a prompt manner. If anyone else wants to do it they are welcome to go for it. I’ve just been brute forcing the W-L-T by looking each team up on TBA and looking at their record for the event.


Finally got a chance to do team scores for Champs. The new sheet will be posted in the usual place shortly.


After scoring Newton, Barry is indeed in first… but only by 20 points. Dargel1625 is in second; Chris is me is in third; nobody else has cracked 100 points.

More scoring to come over the next day or two…


FYI–Galileo, 1086 had Coopertition and 1577 picked up the second Judges’ Award–neither was reflected in the results sheet.

If you think your teams got shortchanged on awards points, say something and we’ll look it up to see if we missed something.

Oh, and with Galileo being scored, Barry’s lead is down to 1 point–217, 1517, 1584 couldn’t match up to Dargel’s 1625, 503, 1403.


Coopertition Awards were not listed anywhere on the website.

It looks like I did miss the judges award for both 1583 and 1577.


That’s weird; according to the Manual Section 5, the Coop Awards are supposed to be given out at the Championship. I’m 90% sure I saw it listed on the divisional awards pages the day of the Championship, too.

Current top 3: Barry, 221; Dargel, 220; Vikesrock, 187; Archimedes and Curie are unscored at this time.


When I looked a few weeks ago there was only one and it was on the championship/einstein page.


They were definitely given out for each division. 1086, 2612, and then two others.


Based on the rankings it should be
Archimedes: 254
Curie: 2612
Galileo: 1086
Newton: 294


I’ll go ahead and give those 4 the Coop Award points.

This also puts Barry in a 14-point hole, as Dargel had 294. But Barry has 469 and 341 still in his bag of tricks…


Well, that 14-point hole Barry was in has been eliminated; top 4 are now:

Barry, 342
Vikesrock, 334
Dargel1625, 302
Chris is me, 269

Nobody else is even breaking 200 at this point, with Curie scored. Archimedes should be scored tomorrow.


Well, I did pull Poofs and 201… but something tells me 341 gives Barry the lock.


When you have a world champion ahd a Chairman’s award winner on our side you’re pretty untouchable.


Yep, I quickly ran through scores for the top 4 and if I did it right, I did manage to keep it close though with less than 15 pts, between us for the Champs total.

Chris gained on Barry but not nearly enough.

Dargel got hammered by Archimedes and is in a distant 4th.