[FF]: 2018 Offseason Fantasy First League

Hey everybody,

The Breakfast Company (TBC) ran an off season league as a bit of a pilot last year and was pretty successful, so i’m expanding it to here so that people can have some fun in the off season, and get a taste of what SLFF might be like.

What is offseason FF?

A more relaxed version of SLFF using similar rules/scoring to allow you to get some experience!

How do I play?

There is no formal signup, just pick an offseason event you want to draft and sign up. Signups for events are first come first serve, and it’s up to the draft runner if they want to run multiple tiers.

Based on a myriad of things if you participate in an offseason FF event, you will be scored on the leaderboard. Winner and runner up will be recognized in the FF HOF.

What are the rules?

The rules here in this post are the official rules for Offseason Fantasy First (OFF)

Changes from the SLFF regular ruleset are underlined.

Players: There are no teams! Everyone plays on their own!

Organization: The Commissioner of OFF (Me) is the head of the league and has final say on all decisions.

Drafting: Players will sign up on first come first serve basis. Draft runners throughout the offseason will decide what drafts they would like to run. Not all offseason events will be drafted. Interest in a specific event being drafted should be gauged in this thread. Each player gets three selections in each draft, unless otherwise noted. The draft order is 1-x, x-1, 1-x. All drafts begin at 7:00 Eastern time, unless otherwise announced. Different times are allotted for each pick; typically, each player will have 3 minutes to make a pick in the first round, 2 minutes in the second round, and 2 minutes in the third round. All drafting orders will be randomized.

Tiers: To ensure that all players get three-team alliances at every event, it may be necessary to break up the league into tiers for one or more events. Tiers will be of roughly equal size. Tiers will only be implemented if the draft runner intends to do so. They are not mandatory.

Pick lists: Should a player not be able to attend a draft, or simply desire to have backup in case they cannot make one of their picks live, they may send in a list of their picks to the draft runner. Lists may be submitted by any method not otherwise banned. If the draft runner changes, the previous draft runner is responsible for forwarding any lists received as soon as possible.

Random teams: In the event of a player not making a pick during their allotted draft slot, a team will be assigned from the random teams list. This list will be posted before or shortly after the draft begins in the draft thread. If a player is randomed due to missing their slot, they will be continued to be randomed until they indicate that they are at the draft. Should a player desire a fully random alliance, it is requested that they notify the draft runner of this, so as not to be counted absent for that event.

Trades/Waivers: There are none!.

List lock: At midnight of the day before the event begins.

Redrafts: At the sole discretion of the commissioner, and/or draft runner, a redraft may be held for a properly submitted list not being used or for a registered and active player being left out of a draft. In either case, the redraft will start from the first affected pick and run to the end of the draft, utilizing all available lists and live draft choices wherever possible. Should a redraft be judged necessary, it will happen as soon as practical after the reason is brought to the attention of the draft runner, including during the draft in question. Redrafts will not be held for any other reason—the waiver/free agent process is to be used instead. Note that failure of the commissioner to forward a list may be counted as one of the reasons for a redraft.

Normal Scoring: Barring any changes due to FRC game or tournament rules, standard FF scoring is as follows:

Seeding is scored by the district ranking formula:

Picking Points: 17 - (Alliance # or accepted pick #, as appropriate for the team in question) May be altered for different events that have alternate numbers of alliances/teams on alliances
Elims: If your robot is on the field and wins a match (won match), 5 points

Awards: There are no award points.

No Event info: Should an event have no available event data via The Blue Alliance OR confirmed attendee that has ALL of the following:
-Full rankings
-Full elimination bracket
-Full picking order

Then the event will not be scored.

Excluded Drafts: All drafts prior to a player’s first draft in the offseason league will be excluded and not counted against them for the overall rankings.

Leaderboard Scoring

Each player will receive a “rating” that is calculated as follows:

Here is the math for those who want to see it, but for the people who don’t want to figure it out, the rating factors in your average pick position (score goes down if you get good pick position), your average participation (score goes down the less you draft), and how much you win/lose by.

Rating=(((Draft Participation Percentage/Total Points)200)+Average Percentile of Performance1000)+((1000*(0.25*(Average number of drafters/10))*(Average draft position percentile/0.5))

Draft Participation Percentage = Number of drafts participated/(Total ran drafts-Excluded Drafts)
Percentile of Performance = Your score/Max Score of Event
Draft Position Percentile = Your Pick position/number of drafters in your tier/draft.

Good luck and have fun!

I took the rating formula and made it look not terrible using LaTeX. There’s also an equivalent simplified version. Please correct me if I messed anything up.

Theleader board has been updated after this weekend’s event.

This week’s schedule:

Texas UIL State Championship (Draft 7PM EST May 15th)
WOW Championship (Draft 7PM EST May 16th)
BattleCry 19 (Draft 7PM EST May 17th)
Minnesota State High School League Championship (Draft 10PM EST May 18th)

Leaderboard has been updated.

TRI seems to be the only event we can draft this week.

Leaderboard has been updated.

and Glitch Gummi are being drafted this week :slight_smile:

Leaderboard has been updated.

Leaderboard has been updated.

WVROX is running tomorrow at 9PM EST