[FF]: Chase For the Fantasy FIRST CUP

This was an idea I had a few days ago. How about a Fantasy FIRST Chase for the cup that decided a Player of the Year/Overall Champion. It would give points for your finish in each league. Just an idea. It is similar to NASCAR.

Care to elaborate a bit more on this idea? Would it be for next season or some how work for this past season?

A great idea but there would be problem with the participants getting into the smaller regionals. That would have to be looked at.

I’m totally for a FF point system (not necissarily the “chase” system with 10 finalists at the end yadda yadda). But you could do it by average score per event, instead of cumulative, so it’s actually quality of competitions, not amount entered that gives the win. But also enforce a minimum of say 3 competitions, so one incredible finish doesnt give you the title.