[FF]: Chesapeake Regional

Sign-up. Things will be based on first-come, first-serve until a final list of teams is present. With the number of teams currently pending, there will be 61 teams but there may be the usual 65-66 teams (I’m not sure, though.) Tenatively there will be 15 spots but in the next couple of weeks with four teams a piece. That may change.

Draft begins March 8 at 7:00 PM.



So in. =D

In the FF league, but not attending the regional this year.

So sad. :frowning:

I am in.

oh yea…

I’m in!

Since I will be attending, I guess I should join.

Im in


The draft will be conducted like this: You start at 7:00 PM and can draft any team and trade until Thursday 3/15 at 7:00 for those of you that actually get out to the competition and see the practie field. I’ll be running pretty much a loose ship in terms of times. Just everyone make sure you have your picks by then. I’ll give dates on when you need to pick a first or second round pick by a little later; and everyone will have up to 11:59:59 PM of the day I say (or you guys say) to do it.

So its a first come first serve type thing with very loose limits?

Pretty much


Consider me in

Officially there are 58 teams. There will be 19 players in the draft with 3 teams a piece. Players can select 1 additional WILD-CARD team that has already been drafted (or yet to be drafted) as long as THE SAME PLAYER has not already drafted it for another alliance or another player has not selected that team for his/her wildcard.

7 (007)
75 (RoboRaiders)
87 (El Diablo)
122 (NASA Knights)
165 (Das Goat)
175 (Buzz Robotics)
203 (One TUFF Team)
204 (Viking Robotics)
224 (T.R.I.B.E.)
293 (Spike)
339 (Rappahannock Robotics)
341 (Miss Daisy)
449 (Wrench Men)
484 (HAL)
602 (Loudon)
611 (The Saxons)
612 (Robo Knights)
614 (NightHawks)
615 (D.O.C.)
686 (Bovine Intervention)
709 (Femme Tech Fatales)
768 (Technowarriors)
836 (RoboBees)
869 (The Power Cord)
888 (Roboiators)
1111 (Powerhawks)
1168 (Malvern Robotics)
1184 (Cobra Robotics)
1195 (Patriot Robotics)
1218 (Chass)
1284 (D.A.R.T.)
1370 (Cavalators)
1389 (Robbit)
1418 (Vae Victus)
1446 (NASA-RoboKnights)
1464 (Predators)
1629 (Garrett Coalition)
1656 (Fighting Fords)
1719 (Umbrella Corporation)
1727 (REX)
1748 (Lab Rats)
1820 (R.O.N.)
1849 (Bell M.C. HS)
1886 (S.T.U.D.S.)
1893 (The Parrots)
1894 (WEB DuBois HS)
1900 (R^3)
1904 (Homeland Security HS)
1915 (McKinely HS)
1933 (Doncaster Dreadnought)
1934 (A.I.)
1975 (Akamai)
1980 (The Brigade)
2120 (Doncaster Aimhigher)
2121 (F.L.Cardozo HS)
2132 (Mergenthaler Vo-Tech HS)
2199 (Robo Lions)
2234 (E.A.)

Names of rookie teams or those teams with HS at end can be updated if there is an official team name.

In no particular order (just to take notes of who’s in):

1)Koko Ed
4)Joel J.
6)Rohith Surampudi
7)Freddy Schurr
8)Greg Needel
10)Seto Kaiba
11)Alex Cormier
12)SGraff_SRHS06 (yours truly)

SEVEN SPOTS LEFT!!! Or start your own. But if you refer to my league, it’s the Chesapeake Wild Card League.

WILD CARD teams will be worth double points on all fronts + and -.

PS When you sign in, just please sign on the list. If I’ve forgotten you, no biggie. Just sign yourselves in! :slight_smile:

I’ll take spot 13.