[FF]: Fantasy FIRST Survival Guide

Every year several new people sign up for Fantasy FIRST and every year anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of the league ends up either dropping out or getting booted.
They underestimate the amount of dedication required to pick in over 50 regionals or real life interviens and they end up missing five consecutive drafts (very easy to do). So how is a rookie supposed to survivie an ever growing season of Fantasy FIRST without sacrificing their own social life? Here are a few simple tips:

-You can make it a point to send in a list daily of the teams you actually want. Not every team that is at the regional.

-You can do the same with a weekly list of multiple events if you suspect you may be absent at some time during the week.

  • You can do what Basel A did at the beginning of the season and send in a Mass List for every event again just listing teams that you actually want. That could be as little as two or three teams and randoms will be provided for you for the rest of the draft. There were some drafts he did not provide a list to due to his lack of knowledge of any of the teams (this is fine so long as you don’t have a consecutive streak of regionals being passed on. Random choices will be automatically provided)

You can simply say you want random teams in the thread or a PM (though you open up the window for the other competitors to get their hands on the better teams that way).

FYI, Ed, I’ve been working on a compilation of the FF rules we’ve been operating under, including the waiver rules. I’ll PM that to you once I’ve tweaked the missing team/waiver interaction. Scoring is included.

Also, one tip: Once you sign up, your next step should be to subscribe with reminders, either to the thread or to the forum, so that you know about what’s going on. Don’t wait until drafts start.

Two tip: Start making lists early. I made lists of every team at the event for every event except maybe one, where I was crunched for time. But, I’ve got a (incomplete) listmaking Excel sheet to help. Before the season began, I had 2 weeks worth of lists ready to go.

Add as many tips that come to mind Eric.
I’m hoping Alex, Kevin and even Barry add their two cents as well.