[FF] FF made simple?

I’m not sure if there are any easy to use Fantasy First systems, but I’m interested in doing it with some team members and alum from my team. Do any of you know of a system that is simple and automatically allocates points?

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The only systems I’m aware of for scoring have been hand-rolled, and aren’t particularly user friendly. @BrennanB or @jtrv might have a better answer for you, though.

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If you’re looking for something simple, I would suggest narrowing the scope to your region (Fantasy FIM is a good example) and going from there. You would have to manually score things unless you make or get ahold of an automated scorer, but with a smaller number of teams or events to score it would be quite doable. Scoring every regular season event by hand isn’t feasible unless you have a ton of time on your hands.


I’m surprised there hasn’t been a public Fantasy FIRST website to allow people to create leagues or contests with automated live scoring. That being said, with a little Google Apps Scripts and TBA API knowledge, a spreadsheet with live automated scoring can be created in an afternoon.

I’m running a Fantasy FIRST in Texas League and I have an Excel spreadsheet preloaded with the scoring that I just copy for scoring each event. It isn’t automatic, but I enter some numbers into one column and it spits out the points for me.

In 2017 I ran a PNW Fantasy First League within my team, however, I did it in a simpler way, with only one draft and 10 teams per team, I made a basic formula in google sheets to calculate scores.

Probably because it’s a challenge to do. There’s some serious discussion in the SLFF Discord about building a site, though. Maybe an offseason project. Old CD had a partial if you knew where to look but it wasn’t exactly ready for use.

When I used to do scoring, I’d have a sheet. W-L-T (or coop points), seed range, awards, formula to spit out the right score for each team. These days I suspect you could get that data from the APIs but I’m not enough of a programmer to be able to do that.

The absolute simplest form of FF is to do a free-for-all: Here’s the event, pick X teams, but not the exact same group of teams as somebody else, score at the end.

@Eugene_Fang: Just for grins, how impossible would it be to have TBA calculate FF points for each team for each season, on a scale of “already done” to “not happening”?

Fantasy FiM scoring is 90% just district points, which TBA calculates for every event. That’s what I would recommend if you want something quick.

I have some javascript that scores in SLFF points using the data from TBA (except for champs / district champs).

It’s availble here https://github.com/cyocom/bni_ffai/blob/master/app.js#L485

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How hard would it be to add in champs? Or is there some SLFF rule that makes it tricky?

The scoring is slightly different for champs, plus the TBA api returns slightly different points as well (since district points change as well for dcmp).

In the offseason I’ll look into what it’d take to make something like yahoo fantasy football leagues for fantasy first.

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Probably not happening, It would make the most sense for someone to build it using our API.

P.S. @ tags are awesome!

Would there be any sense for TBA to calculate/display district points for all events? Perhaps as an insight for regionals? Straight up district points could be used as a proxy FF scoring metric.

District points are already calculated and in the API. They’re just hidden on the website for non-district events.