[FF]: PARC Fantasy FIRST

The FIRST of the off season events.
18 teams so far with a maximum of 40. So that means 6 to 13 competitiors.
Sign up!

  1. Koko Ed
  1. Greg Needel
  1. Jeff Rodriguez

sure why not

I don’t know what PARC is, but I do know what Fantasy First is. I’m in!


PARC is traditionally the first off season competition held after the championship.


Ed, i only see 17 teams signed up.

ill be in if i can


Sign me up, I struggled at the end of the year but I think i can make a comeback

Oh it’s on

I’m in.

IF there is space i’m in.

I’m all in if there is room

We may have to split the league so everybody can play.

I’m in, although I doubt there is space now

…uummm I’m down, but we need teams to sign up for PARC like you guys just did for this FF! :stuck_out_tongue:

If there’s space, count me in, please.