FF Philadelphia Regional

All right, since it’s ten days to Philly and no one has made this yet, I’ve felt obligated to start a league. In order to join, PM me a list of teams for the draft. I’m not sure about draft time yet…any suggestions will be taken into consideration. All I know at this point is probably no Sunday night. Scoring will be done according to Corey Balint’s point system, found here.

The team list is down right now, so if anyone can get their hands on a team list, that would be great.

Hopefully FIRST can get up the scores in time so we can actually score the teams.
BTW I’m in.

Im in aswell.

im in

Ok. So far we have:

1.Alex Pelan
2.Koko Ed
3.Corey Balint
5.Greg Marra (whom I’ve talked to, but has not yet posted)

Any luck with the list of teams yet? Any ideas for a draft time?

don’t forget me

Silly People. If the FIRST site is down, there’s always www.philadelphiafirst.org for a team list :wink:

I’ll play. Unless of course, rules prohibit volunteers from playing at their own regional. I promise not to make any robots fail inspection just to win at Fantasy First :wink:

im in :wink:

I am in, unless I cant cause my team s going to be there.

I’m obviously in.

umm yeah
mos def in \m/

1.Alex Pelan
2.Koko Ed
3.Corey Balint
5.Greg Marra
6.Pit Bull 1126
7.The Lucas

I count 11 players, 41 teams, which means we can fit another two. The draft will be tomorrow, at 7:00. Sorry about the short notice, but looking at my schedule there really isn’t anytime else I could have this. Since everyone has AIM except for Koko…it will be in an AIM chatroom, A la UTC. Name: FF Philadelphia Draft. For those of you who can’t be there, please pm me a list.

7 pm right?
Im not getting up at 7am on a Sunday :ahh:

Also it wouldnt hurt to pm everyone about the time.

so, whats the draft order?

Sorry, forgot to post this last time…courtesy of http://www.random.org.
Round 1
2.Alex Pelan
3.Greg Marra
4.Corey Balint
7.The Lucas
9.Koko Ed
11.Pit Bull 1126

Round 2
1.Pit Bull 1126
3.Koko Ed
5.The Lucas
8.Corey Balint
9.Greg Marra
10.Alex Pelan

Round 3
2.Corey Balint
3.Koko Ed
5.Alex Pelan
8.Pit Bull 1126
9.The Lucas
10.Greg Marra

I’m also sending out a pm to everyone, as suggested…if any of this doesn’t make sense, I will revise it once I have slept. Also, to establish a provision for picking teams for people who are not present and do not have lists, I am saying that they get the highest numbered team still available.

why not just randomly?

If you can think of a way to do it randomly, then I will. The only idea that comes to mind is writing all the team numbers on sheets of paper, and grabbing them out of a hat. On second examination, it does sound like randomyl is the way to go for this, although if anyone has a better method than the one detailed above, pleae tell me.

Here is the link to the teams atPhilly

Call me an Excel geek, but I made a speadsheet for FFPhilly (Ill try to IM it to you). It has a random function for picking teams (possibly better and faster than a hat). It will generate a random number between 4 and 44 which just happen to be the rows teams are in. So just press F9 to calc a row and give the picking person the team in that row. If you miss, reroll.

I suggest a 5min clock for each pick. Try not to use it all. :rolleyes: