[FF]: Taking Fantasy FIRST To the Next Level

Hi all,
I’ve been developing some ideas and such to make leagues easier to run. I’m in the development stages of making some things and could have a system setup for the Championship event. All depends on my schoolwork, and my knowledge of programming.

Some new features will/can include:
Full drafts done in less than 2 hours, or less than a minute.
Indepth Keeper Leagues.
Leagues for regionals, championships, the whole season.
Different Scoring systems.
New Fantasy site.

All in all, the system may be very complex to take in at first, but I’ll write everything out and make it all in very plain and easy to understand terms.
My goal is to have it fully functional by next season, I only finally decided what I intend to do yesterday.

No real discussion is needed now, but I just figured I would let you all know that I have something in the works, that could quite possibly revolutionize this system/bring it into modern times.


From Corey:

“I will be the commissioner. but scoring will be league based. Each league sets their own scoring policy. BYOL.”

Wouldn’t the founder of each league be “commissioner” of that league? As typical per any other fantasy sport.

Eh, its all gonna be subdivisions run under one governing body.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

There will be a set scoring standard for certain things, like wins, loses, etc. However for awards, there will be different sections. The Pro-Awards, the Middlers, and the Con-Awards.

I have a Who’s who of FIRST (from Bandon to Joel) who have gave serious consideration to doing this and every year it falls by the wayside. There’s even a secret forum that was dedicated to it that doesn’t even work anymore (can’t post in it). No one has the time to do it. So if you can pull it off congrats, man but this task has claimed many a man so beware my friend. Beware.

Oh, Im well aware of the failures Ed. Well aware. But I think I have this on lockdown.

why don’t we let Brandon have some time on this…


Sheesh, you people underestimate me. Already working together.
:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

This will be awsome if it works out man!:slight_smile:

I’d like to see this system integrated with other parts of the forum (CD-Media, CD-Events, etc.)

For example, CD-Events knows what teams will be at an event. CD-Media knows which images, movies, and papers correspond to that team. With one click you can have a comprehensive scouting report on a team.

That’s the idea …

CD-Events events are taggable … so eventually the event detail will show some random pictures from those events. The awards won by teams at these events will show on the event detail. The CD members who attended will show up. Fantasy FIRST leagues for that event will be listed.

Fantasy FIRST will feed from all of this data …
Other systems can feed from this data (exports via xml, rss, csv, txt, whatever)

Two results:

  1. easy Fantasy FIRST.
  2. (more importantly) a pretty extensive database of FIRST history.

Fun and informative? YOW! That sounds dangerous!

Oh god, my head cannot take in all this information. I wish you the best of luck and I’d be willing to help out in any way i can

well here is the only important information you need to know. not to pick 1126 ever again before i can.:stuck_out_tongue:

/now back onto topic

Why not let the founder of each league determine the scoring system for that league? You could have basic templates that they are suggested to follow, but giving each commish freedom to change the scoring system would be greatly appreciated (at least by me).

Corey and I haven’t talked much about anything yet … other than that we’d talk … so I don’t know how he was going to do scoring. When I first envisioned the system, though, each league would have its own scoring system. Each award’s score would be defaulted to a set standard that the commissioner would get to modify how they saw fit.


(todays progress: i can create a league.)

IMHO, that system would be broken to start. Everyone has a different opinion on how the game should be scored. Leagues should be based off of player skill and demographics, not the scoring system. With such a small user base, I think we’d see a whole bunch of leagues that did not divide users on skill level, but rather 1000 different versions of the scoring rubric.

I think three scoring rubrics is the way to go. One way to split it up may be:

  1. Vision of FIRST: includes awards. High weight on chairmans.
  2. Common Man: Equal emphasis on both awards and competition. More emphasis given to technical awards than “sympathy” awards. (Sorry, imagery winners…)
  3. Die Hard Fan: Scoring based solely on competition results.

What does everyone else think?