[FF]: Taking Fantasy FIRST To the Next Level

I have yet to found a Fantasy Sports league of any kind (including Fantasy FIRST) in which I could not determine my own scoring system. Typically my modifications are minor (in FF for example I increased the weighting of “minor awards”, reduced the weighting of seeding, CA, and EI, modified ties to 0 points, and removed the high score factor).
I don’t think a fixed rubric system would achieve division by skill level either. There is a very common misconception that the “skilled” and “informed” Fantasy FIRSTer loses to the “lucky Chairman’s” player. A truly skilled player factors in where the points come from, and the teams most likely to win the most Fantasy points in that league, not the team who has the best robot. Thus why I have always insisted on Chairman’s and other awards being included (to provide more criteria for teams to score points, thus typically creating more “powerhouse” teams and reducing overall parity), but have contested the overly dramatic weighting used in most CD leagues.

Well the reason I really did not want to split the scoring too much, was to have a certain sense of a true champion. That when you put the 3 split catagories leagues together, you would have a separate winner per category. Or other small events because of that. Say, a Champions League (Soccer Style), that the top few teams from each league would then go and compete in the Championship event. A playoff system if you will.

are you saying wise of like player of the year. or the ATL champ? i see the two completely diffrent.

Well, no not really. The player of the year would be harder to determine, since we would have, at least in my theory(again brandon and I are gonna sort more things out. sent me stuff last night, i just have to go to work now, so i cant until later), the 3 different scoring systems and numerous leagues. What I envisioned was all types of leagues, ones for only regionals, ones for only championships, ones for both, keeper leagues(My personal favorite). But in the season long leagues/keeper leagues, is where we would do the Champions League. But a player of the year system could be worked in somehow.

We could always run an ‘official’ Fantasy FIRST set of leagues (3 sets … vision, common, diehard) … with standard scoring system across the board … and then let others have their own modified FF leagues, in addition.

True. I’ll have a writeup of what I am thinking done, hopefully this weekend…I also have a paper to write, but who cares about that.

That works for me :slight_smile:

I say that we make a list and to be on this list is exclusive.
this list is the only people who may make a league.

this year’s soem regionals are really messed up. loose picking times, teams being able to picked up to 3 times, other issues.

Just a thought.

Due to some unforseen circumstances, I didn’t have time to further my notes. Ill have them up as soon as I can.

I try to get my team involved in our own version of FF. We usually use a rubric made by Ed, but we play the game on paper. Trying to calculate up the scores myself is a pain. It’d be cool to have a place online I could type in everyone’s picks and have the score calculated for me. Would you have to be a Chiefdelphi user to access the site?

Yes, it will be integrated with CD-Events and other things on chiefdelphi, so an account is required to play.

Unless said player does not like the scoring system, and wants to pick teams purely on competitive prowess and not on off the field events. :wink:

Brandon basically has the idea of it all. The integration looks as if it will be smooth and efficient. I gotta applaud Brandon on it. It should be pretty kick-gluteusmaximus. I’m just trying to make a more standardized system that will be able to govern over it better. And a system that could make it much more exciting and fun for dedicated members. Also a few other pet project ideas that I’ve had for a while.

Check the white papers

looks really fun, when do leagues/drafts start

I’m hoping to have something working for a test run during Championships?

If not for then … then possibly for IRI.


Anyone have any questions or criticisms of it?

One thing i would highly reccomend is a lock system for regionals. The league can only start at a certian date, so we don’t have ot deal with what happneeded this year. a huge explosion of FF leagues and a lot of people joining. then the draft comes along and most forget what league thier in and the draft times are very close to each other and such. so i say, if possible have a system where you can’t do a FF for like a last week regional before ship date.

I figured I couldn’t make judgment on this until I participated/ran a league. Now that I’m doing both, I think its safe to say the system as it stands is BROKEN!

We NEED these improvements!