FGC 2023 Team China CAD Release!

FGC 2023 Winning Alliance Team China is proud to present our CAD file of our Hydrogen Horizons Robot!

  • See our CAD file on the Onshape: FGC 2023 Robot
  • See our Technical Binder on the Google Drive: Drive
  • FGC Team China is dedicated to sharing our experiences, check our tutorials Slide and Intake
  • Follow our latest news on Instagram

If you have any questions about any aspects, feel free to ask us, especially 2024 FGC teams!

Lots of FGC teams are preparing for their 2024 competitions, so just follow them and help them as much as possible (to complete Dean’s Homework) :smile:.



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This is a fantastic gesture from Team China in sharing the award winning robot CAD file. :wave: