FGC Team China 2024 Build Thread

3, 2, 1! STEM Action!

Looking forward to seeing your team in Greece, :cn: Team China is preparing for our 2024 Feeding The Future game. In this post, you can access our first-hand tutorials, robots information as well as help from our members.

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2024/7/2 Update Game Analysis #1

We have analyzed the FGC 2024 game, and there are some very important rules to remind:

  1. Game piece: Diameter ranges from 270-280 mm, weighs 500 g
  2. Robots are allowed to possess unlimited number of game pieces
  3. Scoring ways: Launch or Place
  4. Estimated heights of NEXUS GOAL based on the diameter of the game piece

  1. Because ramp will get steeper while robots are climbing on the other side, it is difficult for robots to go onto the platform at the same time

These interesting game rules remind us of some inspiring designs in VEX, FTC, and FRC. We will discuss them one by one in details below.

1. Unlimited number of game pieces

However, that launching is reliable in the game is still up for more tests , but intake designs are worth learning.

  • There are also fantastic designs enabling robots to possess multiple game pieces in VEX 2019-2020 season

As we can see in the picture, robots only have actuators for their intakes, so cubes or balls are stacked higher and higher along the slide. After holding enough game pieces, approximately four balls baed on our estimations, robots could elevate these game pieces to reach NEXUS GOALS to score. Rubber bands could help us offset the gravity of tubes even that of game pieces, allowing motors to easily move the structure upward. Parallelogram structure/Lifting mechanisms often seen in VEX robots is practical and efficient for Feeding The Future!

2. PLATFORM strategies

As we discussed above, it is difficult for multiple robots to go onto the platform at the same time. However, multiplier bonus of coopertition is one of the most important components of our total scores, so we need to find faster ways for robots to get on the platform.

There is a bunch of fascinating designs in FRC 2019 season, since their endgame task is very similar as directly stepping onto the platform in this year’s FGC game.

RAMP in FGC game is almost same as the CHARGE STATION in FRC 2023 season.
Team 1678’s ingenious design of their fork is also a very plausible approach.

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It might be worth taking a look at 2017 FRC fuel designs. Even through they were a lot smaller compared to these game pieces, they were designed for carrying large amounts of game pieces.


I think you’ve landed on an excellent review of prior art. The only aspect I think you’re maybe leaving a blind spot for is “unlimited possession of inflatable playground balls”, which was last seen in FRC in 2004. Yep, FIRST Frenzy: Raising The Bar.

Balls that year proved particularly grippy against each other, and it tripped up a fair number of robots handling large quantities of balls. I haven’t been hands-on with the balls used for FGC this year to see how they interact with each other, but be aware of that in your testing. And test under different conditions too–a bit overinflated, a bit underinflated, fresh out of the package, and after being well-handled following a pizza party (or local equivalent food that will get every’s hands a bit greasy). Being able to tolerate those variances only makes a robot better.


Excellent review and ideas for the FGC 2024 challenge. Looking forward to more insights and discussion

Thanks for your notice! Yes, we should be very careful about the inflation of these balls, and it’s worth testing balls with “all” possible diameters. Hope these balls won’t be that grippy.

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As well as what @Billfred said, see how much they can compress under different circumstances. Looking at them they seem like they can compress a little bit when inflated properly.

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