fiberglass on robot?

I have a question about fiberglass. We are using it on our robot and i wanted to make sure we were allowed to use fiberglass.

I found this on the FIRST Q&A site:
Also they mentioned you could not use any hazardous products like uncured epoxy.

Yes, you can use fiberglass products on the robot. Making parts in the pits with epoxy resin would not be permitted as they may be a hazmat in the uncured state. Cutting and making dust also would be frowned upon. Our robot has several pieces of fiberglass pulltrutions on it this year.

Our entire chassis is made up of fiberglass. It is very strong and good to work with. This is our second year using it. Last year we went through 2 regionals and Nationals with minimal damage (only a small crack where the cheesing was too close).

How does that fit with rule ? “ FABRICATED ITEMS from ROBOTS entered in previous FIRST competitions can not be used.”

They probably did not have it specially fabricated. You can reuse items as long as they were not specially made for FRC. If they are, then they should seriously rethink the use.


They may be just referring to using fiberglass in general. As in, “This is our second year using fiberglass”

Yes, Tom was referring to fiberglass in general, the 2007 robot is all new.

We use fiberglass too
they make great stuff!

thanks everyone. yeah this year we are using styrofoam ramps with a fiberglass laminate so they are really strong. also our claw has a fiberglass laminate. this cut off about 30 lbs from our robot!