“Fiducial Markers” not showing up under pipeline type

I’m trying to get my teams limelight to track apriltags and am following the instructions found in the limelight docs Here

In the first step it says to change the pipeline type to fiducial markers in the input tab, but when I check, it only shows standard, GRIP, and python.

The image we are running is 2022.2.3 on limelight 2

You need to be running a 2023 image to get apriltags support.


Will the limelight 2023 image run on the older limelights? If so, how can I download it? I looked on the downloads website and while they have the 2023 image the text doesn’t actually link to anything.

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The announcement of the new image is here: Introducing Limelight OS 2023.0

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Here’s the link:


I can see how the website could be confusing at the moment with the separation between LL3 and the other models. I’ll reorganize the downloads page to make more sense.

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New image works fine on our LL2 (non-plus)

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