Field 3D model, any takers?

Well, I just finished texturing my field, and its completly to scale. Its available in… o six or seven formats. Ask if you want it, and tell me what file type you want

I can do any models you people may need! just give me a hollar!

NOTE: some of the file types will require you to apply the textures.

I’d be interested in a high-resolution orthographic-projection birds eye picture - something we might be able to print out on a plotter and use to experiment strategies. Think you can provide me something like that? e-mail me at [email protected] if you can. Thankies!

What do you mean by this? Fully textured, Lines only, outlines only, I can just compile it down to an autocad file if thats more helpful to you.

yes bro that would be awesome.

please post the link here or email me the link at [email protected]

if you can give it to me in a 3d max format it would be perfect.

Well, I just FTPed the zip’ed file of all the formats I could think of to our webmaster, He hasn’t put them for download quote yet. THe file is 38.8meg in zip form, and over 270 uncompressed. If there is a certain file type you want, I can just e-mail you the individual file, therefor MUCH smaller.

3d max format would be very good

Not to nit-pick, but you forgot the strip of tape that cuts the field in half (parallel to the hanging bar).

Great work, though. =-D

Thanks, I forgot all about that

Here is a top schem.

People who want a ‘map’ look.

click for larger](

Wasn’t there a black strip in the middle, too? Perpindicular to the middle bar?

can you make one with the balls already on the field.

Could you send a 3d max version to [email protected]? Thanks alot

Well, The files are hosted at

Because some of the formats require the textures to be in the same sirectory, the file may look a little disorganized. I appologize. There is no 3d MAX file type, and I am unable to do so, sorry! But if i am not mistaken, you can import 3DS file types into it, which I have included

I don’t know about the model, but I counted 19 balls (instead of 18) in the Small Ball Release in the picture. Anyway, I think that field looks really good!

maybe… lol, well, when you people download the file, you can delete the 19th, it would be a hassel to to change all of the files. sorry for the problem!

Wow, that looks great, esp. considering you did this in less than a day.

I agree, great work!

NoRemorse, i have to say, i am very impressed.

Is it taking anyone else an incredibly long time to download these files??

are the trigger balls really situated like that? one red and one blue on each half? it would be interesting if they were really arranged like that.