Field and shelf missing dimensions

  1. The diagram on page 23 of the rules does not state how far the floorboard sticks out in front of the front edge of the shelf. Based on the floorboard being a “2x6 Sleeper” (page 10, #5), if it is centered, we’re assuming somewhere around two to three inches (it depends on the railing diameter). What is the exact dimension of the setback? We need to know that to determine how far the robot has to reach over its edge before it encounters the front edge of the shelving.

  2. If the wheels are right in the front of the machine, may the robot “climb” on the lip of the floorboard if necessary to butt up to the shelf?

  3. We’re a brand new team, and were not in the 2001 FIRST competition. We’d like to make a true railing mockup if possible, not “something close”. What is “KeyClamp” railing, and where do we get it locally? I couldn’t find the company, nor that hardware with a search engine. (Know a URL?)

If expensive or mail order, what are its dimensions, so we can substitute something cheap and locally available (like 1/2" galv pipe, PVC, or something similar…)?

Given the dimensions (or a KeyClamp URL where we can look up the dimensions), that should give us the rest of the missing dimensions including the gap size between the pipe and the wooden rail.

  1. Will the boundary between the field and the human/robot interaction zone simply be more of the same pipe railing and floorboard, a gap in the railing, or something else? If something else, please specify its type and dimensions.


  • Keith McClary, Huron High Team 830

Kee Klamp Web Site

The spelling is “Kee Klamp”

As to the pictures of the field, all we can say is we are pedalling as fast as we can :wink:

Coming soon that is all I can say.

Joe J.

Thanks! FYI: the rules doc spells it “KeyClamp”.

What’s the size code of the pipe are you using, and which fittings are you using? (Tell me and I’ll look them all up for you and summarize the specs URLs here for everyone…)

For the other newbies:
If you wish to make a mockup using standard pipe instead of wood, the Kee Klamp pipe size code to measurement table is here:

The online pic catalog for fittings and their spec sheets (click a pic for it) is at:

The US location for the company is:
Kee Industrial Products, Inc.
100 Stradtman Street
Buffalo, NY 14206
Phone: (716) 896-4949
Toll-Free: (800) 851-5181
Fax: (716) 896-5696
Email: [email protected]

  • Keith McClary, Huron High Team 830

I suggest using PVC pipe for practice it is a lot cheaper and will serve your purpose.

As for our court we will be using the heavy, heavy black iron pipe.