Field Blueprints

When will we get field blueprints? My team would like to start building our field soon, so we’d appreciate having drawings to work off of.

Volcano: Please note this is the OCCRA forum and not the national FIRST forum. OCCRA is a county-wide competition entirely seperate from FIRST (although mostly FIRST teams).

The said blueprints are for the OCCRA competition which was announced on 9-17, not the FIRST competition which, as you said will be announced 1-4-03.

Just a heads up to the section your are in:
ChiefDelphi Forums » Competition » Off-Season / Unofficial Competitions » OCCRA.

And on that, I believe the blueprints were intended to be released within the week, hopefully by tomarrow

Mr. Howard has finished the CAD work and will be sending them out to all people on the OCCRA e-mail list first thing in the morning; I believe Mr. Martus said they will also be posted on this site.