Field Carpet Needed in the Orange County/SoCal Area

Hello. We are an FRC based in Orange County/LA area, and recently our practice and field area has been converted to a classroom. We are currently working on an area to set up our field and have a few places in the works, but none of these places have carpet. Is there anyone in the Orange County/SoCal area that has a half field of FIRST Neyland II or Neyland III carpet that they are willing to donate? Thanks

If you can wait until the competition season, SoCal events (as with many events) routinely give their used carpets to local teams who ask nicely.

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They might not this season though. :eyes:


Sneaky trick: go to a carpet company and ask if they have some used/tear out carpet you could have. If you have a sample of what you are looking for that could help. Or just say “you know, library carpet!” Or see if there’s a local carpet recycler and ask them. Once you get it, lay it out and rent a steam cleaner and/or pressure wash it.
We need to do the same thing: our old carpet didn’t make the transition from the old school building to the new one.

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In carpet related news, you can now buy FRC carpet in the FRC Color :tm:

First Robotics Competition Carpet - Neyland III - Carpet Express

Half a field will run you around $550 and then probably 100+ on shipping.

So if an event gives you the field carpet, that’s a $1000+ gift…


That’s it? Can anyone who has actually bought official carpet confirm, especially on shipping?

(don’t know why it is listed as one roll, but I’m assuming if you call them you can get it in two seperate rolls of 15x27)

My shipping estimate was way off, it says that its $120 if you pick up from a “terminal” and then around ~$333 for a “home delivery”. I think we got shipping cheaper ($200) since we delivered to a business/school if I recall correctly.