Field Carpet Needed!

Hello, we’re an FRC team in NH, and our school isn’t allowing us to put markings on carpeted areas but we need a place to practice and drive our robot under comp conditions. Is there anyone in New England who has extra FIRST field carpet? We just need enough for half a field!

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If you can afford it and/or can’t find anyone near you has extra, Neyland Shaw III carpet is pretty similar to the real FIRST carpet which has been discontinued.

Yeah we looked into those but they’ll cost like $450 for half a field??? Hoping some team will have extras from competitions or have old worn out ones they’re looking to rid of…

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Unfortunately that’s a pretty good deal unless you can get it for free somewhere


If you were in a regional area, I’d tell you to talk to the RD and FTA for used field carpet after a regional. Not sure how that might work, or if it works, in a district area. And doesn’t help the “need now” part of things.

PNW was giving carpets away last year, we managed to snag a good bit.

It was in pretty rough condition all things considered, but thats also to be expected after a couple years of use.

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Is Maine close enough? We have a full field of carpet you could have. (Green)

My understanding is that FIRST’s standard for districts is one carpet for two district events, and (I’m pretty sure but could be wrong) a fresh carpet for DCMP. Individual districts may pony up for a fresh carpet every time, if that’s their jam. I’d contact regional or district management ahead of an event to figure out what the game plan is.

Yep! We can definitely have someone drive up. That would be awesome! What times would work the best for you guys? And is it at South Portland High?

Broke college student who? Broke FRC team’s the vibe :grimacing::joy:

Yes, South Portland High School. It is the green carpet (steam works I think). It is worn where the air ships and loading stations were but is decent shape. We got it from Pine Tree qualifier. During the week, anytime after 5:00. On the weekend, I can make it happen anytime. Send me an email; [email protected]

I tried replying to your email but the address is “nor[email protected]”. Send me an email from your email account.

Hello! I send an email this morning from [email protected], let me know if you received it

Look up the specs for the carpet used on the official FIRST field then call around to local carpet shops–especially ones who do large jobs at schools or companies. Up until recently, our practice carpet was a donated overstock from a large install job. It wasn’t the exact stuff used buy FIRST but it was free and got the job done.

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There tends to be a pretty close knit group of teams in the NH area - I would recommend reaching out to some to see if there would be a team willing to share their field with you - it’s a very common thing for teams that are friendly with each other to do.

I have almost a full field of carpet that we recently replaced, but it’s in Houston. If anyone out there needs it please let me know and you can have it. It’s probably going in a dumpster at season end.

What is the FIRST discontinued carpet?
Neyland II

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I mean if you want to come to Michigan to get one…

Vs. PMing a zillion times, I figure posting this once will be more efficient…

After trying to find the cheapest source for official (Shaw Neyland III, 20 lb) carpeting, far and away the best price we found was out of Carpet Express in Dalton GA… cheap enough that even with freight they were 50-75% less than many local quotes. A full FRC field is about $1000-$1300 depending on your location. Here’s the info:

“Carpet Express would be glad to supply Neyland III 20oz in 15’x80’ or any size and color for $5.40 sq. yd. (FOB Dalton, Georgia). We have been in business for 30 years and would be a valuable addition to your supplier base. To place an order or for additional information, please contact Rob Hoffbauer at [email protected] or call 800-922-5582.”

Hopefully this will help some teams seeking FRC carpeting.


Yep, we got the same quote a while back (and posted on here). Good stuff and nice people.

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