Field-Centric H-Drive Help

I am attempting to program a field-centric h-drive. I have seen many posts with mecanum wheels, and I am not sure how to implement it with omni-wheels in an H-configuration.

If this is really what you want to do, it’s pretty much done the same way; you add/subtract the gyro heading to the joystick heading in doing the inverse kinematics.

That said, H-drive is not really well suited to field-centric drive.
Field-centric pretty much assumes that the robot drive is nearly isotropic (independent of the robot’s facing), and makes sense for swerve, Killough (both 3-wheel/kiwi and 4-wheel), and mecanum. Each of these has a number of identically loaded wheels pointed in a variety of directions.
H-drive, on the other hand, has four forward-directed wheels, and one laterally-directed wheel. There are typically two to four times as many motors driving in the forward direction as the lateral direction. Unless the slide wheel is very heavily loaded, the left/right drive trains will be underutilized if a field-centric drive is set up and used.

Added: Did you decide to do H-drive just so you could line up for picking up HPs and scoring game pieces? If so, drive this way; use differential drive to get you where you need to go, then use the slide wheel to get you into scoring position at the end. If not, what were you hoping to get from H-drive over other options?

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