Field Competitiveness

After fields came out for Detroit yesterday I noticed that Curie was very stacked, including 3 of the 6 Ontario Championship Finalists, 2056, 1241 and 1114. As well as 2767, 3538 and 314 from Michigan FIMStein. I was curious as to how this compared to Newton in 2016, a field famous for its density of powerhouse teams.

I collected the OPR of every team at 2016 worlds and 2019 worlds, then calculated respective means and standard deviations of OPR for their world champs as well as each teams Z-Scores respective to other fields OPRs. OPRs for each team are from their event immediately before attending world championships.

Below is the graph for z-scores of Newton in 2016 and Curie in 2019 from Tableau. Hope you find this as interesting as I did.

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