Field Dimensions - Length

On the 2014 Aerial Assist field, I’ve found it really difficult (actually impossible) to figure out the length from the END of the 4" thick blue/red gaffers tape to the front of the low goal. If anyone could help me out with this that’d be great!

Correct me if I understood you, but from what I interpret you to be asking, the distance between the zone boundary and the driver station wall is 18 feet, and IIRC the low goal was a 38 inch cube, so the distance you would be looking for would be 178 inches, or about 14 feet 10 inches.

Does that take into account the Goalie Zone? Because the field as a whole is 54 feet and if I multiply out 18*3 (assuming each zone is 18ft) I get 54.

Yes, the 18 feet includes the goalie zone.

Alright thanks a lot!