Field Drawing Question

I cannot find the dimensions for the Polycarbonate used to cover the low cost bridge. It is listed in the parts list of the bridge, in the team drawings ( It is item 11, GE-12095 but that part number never shows up anywhere else in the document. Does anyone know where to look?


  • Alex

You can find GE-12095 in the Game Specific Drawing document, not the Team Drawings one.

It seems to be 80 inches long by 48 inches wide.

(FYI, TE means it’s in the Team Drawings document, while GE means it is in Game Specific Drawings)

Thanks so much, that makes a lot of sense!

The dimensions of the top of the bridge are 44" x 88".

Arena 2.2.5 “Each Bridge is 48 in. wide, 88 in. long (outside dimensions)”

There is a slight difference between the specifications for the Team-Built bridge and the Official Bridge. The Team-Built bridge top is 88 by 48 in. while the Official Bridge top is 88 by 47 in. The Official Bridge has an aluminum side barrier that takes it up closer to 48 in. wide, but the surface is only 47 in. wide.

Both bridges use the same surface of a sheet of 1/8 in. thick polycarbonate which is 88 by 47 in. This is found on Drawing GE-12095 in the official field drawing set available on the web site.

Dr. Bob