Field elements 21-22 - feel sorry for the pre event assembly people

Wow, the center goal is super complex. I can’t wait to see what the simplified version looks like. Like wise the hangers is going to be really hard. The partially rotating hanger pipe. wow.

This has got to be one of the most complex construction in years.


Every year seems to be difficult. Thank God for the FTAs and Field Supervisors to lead the way.


Actually, this year doesn’t seem to be too bad. The center goal will be challenging, but it’s essentially the only really hard thing to build. I don’t expect the hangars to be too challenging, especially in comparison to the shield generator last year.

Source: This will be my 7th year as a Field Assembly volunteer.


It looks more complex than previous years.

It is and it isn’t. Teams only attempting the 4 point hang can build a fairly simple structure. Teams attempting the other two would have to build more of such structures and brace them all together since there will likely be forces in the horizontal plane.

Often, it is more difficult the first time a field is assembled since at tear-down, some assemblies are left intact. There may be fitment issues that have to be resolved, especially the first time a particular field is assembled.

Looks like lots of parts and a lot of electronics to keep track of the scoring. I’m going to guess that real time scoring will be popular with the audience.

Thanks for all your years doing Field Assembly!!!

Is there a simplified goal drawing/construction document or plans?

Links being posted

Check here – [FRC Blog] Kickoff: So Close! about 1/2 down the pages is the field assembly info with a “simple” link.

Are the plans for the wooden field elements up yet?

Yes, follow the link [FRC Blog] Kickoff: So Close! and they are about 1/2 down the page.

Has anyone found the .dfx or any nested drawings for CNC?


800 for the Hub upper assembly from AM… I think we’ll find a way to manufacture that ourselves.

Yeah, it definitely will be great for the audience. It’ll also be popular with the referees, since it takes a lot of the stress out of managing scoring.


It looks like the 6 point hang can also be practiced with a single pipe. The top of the MID RUNG is 5’ 1/4" above the carpet, and the robot is allowed to be 5’ 6" tall during the end game (G106).
Curiously, 3 MID RUNG climbs (or even 2 MID and 1 LOW) will score a climbing RP, as will 1 HIGH and 1 MID. Going for the MID seems worthwhile even for teams using a COTS climber.

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There are no field drawing at that link. Only the official field drawings.

Keep scrolling. Somewhere down the list is a bunch of team field drawings, in Complex and Simple options for all 3 elements.

Thanks, that is different from how they have done it in the past, and the wording sounds like different versions of the CAD. Sorry for the confusion and thanks again.