Field for Use!!!!!!!!!

hey everyone, Team 555 is going to build a practice field. We are in the process of building one were not gunna make the barriers (well probably use tape, nor will there be a ball drop), so it wont be good for match play, but its great for testing. Last year team 555 only got better with each comp. so if you guys wanna practice, ill post when we finish! RESPOND if you are interested and leave your email AND phone number so we can contact you when its done.

P.S. we are located in Northern NJ, about 11 miles from NYC, just to give u guys an idea.

Team 1257 (a rookie team) in Scotch Plains, NJ (its in Union County) would really be happy if we could get together for a some testing. We will probably have a half arena done some time soon, but we are looking for a team to get together with to maybe try out some team play strategies, etc. You can contact me for now:

Maxim Lobovsky
AIM SN: Iammaxus
908 301 9250

awesome…how far along is ur bot? that would be a crucial part in practicing!!! ALSO, if you guys need any help with anything feel free to post on this thread or email us at just make the subject Rookie team mentor #(place team number here). We would be much obliged to help mentor u guys!!

Robot? What Robot? You should read my post about our drive train in technical discussions to get a good idea of where we are, er, where we aren’t… :ahh:

I will discuss it with my team tomorrow and I think we can arrange something.

we would be happy to send out some kids to help u guys or u guys could come to us, if you need help!