Field gate closed on entire alliance in Long Island Regional #2 quarterfinal

The gate is closed, and no blue robots are on the field. Quarterfinal 4 match #3.


Timeout rules?

How inspirational!


I am at a loss for words.


Tuned in, GA hasnt said a word all match.

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" All will be explained after the match" was the announcement from the admin table


They were late to the field after being warned.

The announcer’s words pain me. They said nothing wrong, and I don’t think any volunteers acted unfairly. They interpreted the no-good, very bad, horrible timeout rules as best as they could.


Announcer Clip:

Field at the end of the timeout (~8:48:30):

The first red bot enters the field at 8:49:00. The other two red bots enter the field 40 seconds later.

Gates closed at 8:50:19 with the FTA specifically pointing for them to be closed. You can see blue going to the field (far left) about 8 seconds after the FTA points to the field vol to close it.

I get that they want teams on the field “on the dot”, but if the refs are going to tell the announcer that the rules “specifically cite” that teams must be “On the field when the timer equals 0”, why isint it being properly enforced here, or more properly unevenly enforced? The difference here is less than a minute.


They made a conscious decision that red would win this match and blue would lose. Absolutely ridiculous. I am tired of volunteers that to not know what this program is about.


This was the last event of the season for all 3 teams on the blue alliance. Much more than just a single match.


Amending myself in this post, you can actually watch the FTA/Head ref’s reaction to Blue moving to the field. This clip goes from 8:50:00 to 8:50:45:


This is single handedly ruining FIRST for dozens (hundreds?) of students.

I saw students running to the field between matches and tripping with the potential for them to get seriously hurt today. This is a safety issue. FIRST - be better.


For what it’s worth, I have been told that the refs made a pretty conscientious effort to warn them. Throughout the event, the head ref has done a phenomenal job of working with teams to address rule violations. I am much more frustrated by FIRST HQ’s failure to even try to address this systemic problem.


Something I haven’t seen brought up is that at a lot of venues, getting to one side of the field takes longer than the other due to the queuing paths. If the two alliances left the pits at the same time I could totally see one alliance arriving ~1:30 ahead of the other.

Even if this was not the case, this is still clearly unacceptable. This likely ruined the weekend for dozens of students and potentially ended their season.

FIRST needs to make a statement on this, and change the rules to keep this from happening ever again.

FIRST, do better.


This wouldn’t look nearly as bad if there weren’t now two clips of refs rushing to lock down the field as soon as a “late” team approaches. If they either just let teams in when it won’t cause a huge delay or enforced the rules at the exact second they’re supposed to instead of arbitrarily cutting them off, this would only be a discussion about an unfortunate rule instead of the enforcement of said rule.


Semifinal 2 match 3 was played 3v2, with the field gate being closed before 5298 made it to the field.


Shame on SBPLI. Their volunteers generally seem more interested in throwing the rules on teams than creating a good experience.

The next time they have a board meeting, they better reflect on why they are this way.


I mean, id consider this a positive personally, much better than changing it 1-2 weeks/days before a comp…

Dont fully understand how that connects to the above?


That’s hard to watch.