Field Image 2020

Does anyone have the field image for 2020 PathWeaver?


thank youuuu!!!

We are having problems deploying a custom Field Image for 2020. Does anyone have the json for this custom image?

Every time I add the folder in this directory the program will not open.
%user-folder%\PathWeaver\Games\Custom Game\2020-game.json
%user-folder%\PathWeaver\Games\Custom Game\2020-game.jpg

Not sure if that is incorrect.
If I remove the Custom Game folder the program will open, but otherwise it never opens.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the JSON I made which worked based on the directions from the docs.

2020.json (203 Bytes)

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If you are looking for one ahead of the new PathWeaver version here is what is on github now. (likely to be the same as the released version) (747.8 KB)


Thank you both posts helped us out a lot - sorry for the delay and the reply. Busy robot season :smiley:

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