Field Issues at Michigan State Championships


I know that many teams have experienced connection issues with the field at the Michigan State Championship. I know that my team was fine in the practice matches, and then in our first match we started experiencing field connection problems.

After noticing this was occurring regularly, we started to document what teams were having issues, what alliance they were on, and what stations they were playing at.

If you were experiencing these issues, please reply to the thread with your match/team numbers and what issues you were experiencing.

If we find anything of interest, we will make this spreadsheet available.

Match 8 Team 1O23 had IO issues, lost ability to kick. I believe we were red 2. Then Match 13 we lost connection with the field in the middle of the match. We were again red 2. After that match we went through our electronics carefully and our crio was loose. We tightened it. Tightened all of our wires, etc. Dont know if that was the cause or not. Wondered about field issues since we were in the same station.

2832 had sporadic issues with control, specifically that it feed our controls on a lag, and sometimes not at all, after we redeployed code. Though we eventually were able to fix it with some tweaking and some redeploying, so it could have just as easily been on our end.

In the interest of separating cause from effect, you should also document whether they had the bridge loosely wire tied across and between the Ethernet and power connection, or loose power connections to the cRio, or any of a dozen or so reasons why teams lose COM while coincidently at the same driver’s station.

Check the power connector on the gaming adapter.

The issues 1023 had were caused by a loosened cRIO mount and/or a nick in the positive wire jacket deep enough to expose copper. Reinforcing the mount with aluminum, a little electrical tape and wire re-routing took care of our problem as it did not happen again.

We also were hit hard enough in the quarter finals to dislodge a module (or connector end).

Neither case seemed to have anything to do with the field system.

The biggest point stressed to us by multiple inspectors is to make absolutely sure of your power connectors for the cRIO.