Field Map

So I noticed the field map was posted over at the FIRST Site ( ) and being that we’re rookies and this is our first year, I’m a little unsure of what to expect.

It looks like a rather long walk from the pits to the fields which I was expecting, but do I see stairs along that path??? If so, it’s going to be a heck of a time getting the robots up and down those.

Also, what will the surface of the Dome be (out side of the fields)?

There is a shorter route for the drive team to go with out stairs. It is all cement besides the fields.

Well, it looks the same as last year. If it is, it was quite a long walk going from the pits to the stands…especially when the halls are packed with people. If I remember correctly, the whole way to the stands are all escalators (correct me if I’m wrong), so the traffic can get a bit backed up. But, it’s really no big deal. I thought it was set up alright. The drive teams go through a different entrance with the robots. This path is all cement, and is all ramps…no stairs. So, that makes it easier…no problem at all with a cart. But, none of that is important. Winter is finally over, and we’ll be in Atlanta, where it will be sunny and warm!

I don’t think that’s true…This is a different building than last year…The large escalator from last year is on the far left of the drawing by the topmost red arrow. It also looks like the pits are only one level down instead of last year’s 3 or 4. For reference, I think the “West Plaza” is the large semi-grassy area where they had the banner for team photos last year.

If all that is true, the walk is significantly less, although time will tell.

The entire area outside the fields is cement.


Didn’t they have some kind of plastic floor protection down?

The building map looks like the pits may be in a different area than last year, but I’m not completely sure. I do have my another question though, this is my second nationals, but the first one for which I am doing strategy for my team and I was wondering, are only the drivers allowed on the stadium floor, or are other team members allowed also? If not, how far can I go with the drivers if I need to talk with them about strategy?

Much better map… And totally navigational.

Click on individual sites for detailed views and camera views.

In the elimination rounds (divisional, and Einstein) you can have three extra members of your team to act as pit crew.

In regular practice and qualifying matches, if you do not have a badge, you cannot exit the pits through the field side.

Looking at the Map and Team Agenda. Is the FRC pits in a different area then the FLL and VEX??? I’m not seeing anything mentioning FRC Pits in the Map The team agenda has them opening at 2 different times. . . Anyone know more??

That is correct. Last year they had plastic panels on the floor, not cement.

They’ll be in that massive space to the left of the FLL/FVC pits, I would assume.

Does anyone know where the FLL fields will be? I only see Vex fields in the spot where the FLL fields were last year.

Last year the FLL fields were actually on Einstein, the FLL Pits were where the Vex fields are, I am assuming FLL Fields are still on Eintstein.

You can only go to the doors leading to the field out of the pit, if it is like last year. That is where they stop everyone with out a badge.