Field Materials??

Hey CD,

 I have been looking around for a while and can't seem to find a complete list of parts for the field. I remember in years past that there was a list of all the pieces and the amount of them that you needed, but through many searches, and a complete trip through web site, I have failed to find anything. Is it just my search skills, or is there really no list of materials? The two links on the Arena part of the manual are not working at the moment, but when they were earlier today they still did not have a complete list of parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated!:) 

Phil is probably what you are looking for.

But nowhere in these pdf’s is there a complete list of parts for the field. Only 50 papers with a few parts each. If we were to go out tomorrow and get all of the parts for this, it would take hours just to count up and write down all of the amounts of parts. Do you see where I am coming from?

The Team Drawings are there for you to build a mock field yourself. Most of the stuff there is just plain wood, something I would hope you can find without a problem. Pretty much the only things I don’t see are the targets

You obviously don’t know what im talking about. I am looking for a list, one list that gives you all of the materials you need, not 100 papers that you have to count up what you need. There should be one paper that says every piece and the # of them you need.

In other words, what Phil is looking for is a BOM (Bill of Materials) for the field. There is not one with the full field drawings. There is not one with the team drawings. There is not one easily visible on the FIRST website.

3 ways to deal with this:

  1. wait for FIRST to come out with one
  2. do nothing
  3. somebody gets to work, develops one, and posts it.

Thank you Eric . I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t me.

I am looking for a list of materials for the field too.I have done the same thing that you did, scoured the list of drawings with no luck. The field drawings also do not indicate inches from feet. I know that much of it is common sense, but still does it take that much longer to add a " or ’ so we can be sure? This is very frustrating especially when you are trying to build a robot and the field too.:ahh:
I know that not many teams are building a team built field, but that list is really needed. If anyone gets a list soon please let me know. I am working on making a list for the materials needed for everything, but the driver’s stations and it is taking hours. My construction guy is screaming for the list. When we finish our list, if someone has not already done so, we will publish our list here.

If you are building the field out of wood there isn’t a lot of parts. We stuck two roboteers on creating a BoM (one to make, one to check). They were able to blast through the drawings in < 2 hours. We didn’t keep the list, but it won’t take you long to create it.

Assembly was not bad, our bumps, goal and tower have been complete since last Saturday. My only complaint is how heavy the parts are. We put casters on the parts to make it easier to move from the shop to the test area.

does anyone know where to get memory foam that is the correct thickness for the goals? We couldn’t figure out what thickness is required and if there is “official” supplier(s) this year for the foam.