field questions

after discussing the game today, our team came up with a few questions that we could not clarify on our own based on the designs:

  1. On the shelves, is there a back to them? or are they just slots with open backs?

  2. To what extent can the human player interact with the safety zone?

  3. Does the fence go around the entire field, including the safety zone? Or does the fence stop there?

  1. The shelves are wire mesh. The next rules update will include a revision to include a back board made of a 1x6 that will connect one divider wall to the next and also give it more structural rigidity. The 1x6 will be screwed in on an angle from the corner of the divider at the top rear towards the end of the wire shelving unit. Thus creating an angle and a gap at the bottom (not large enough for the juice bottle to fall through). Thus making it a tad more difficult to remove the juice bottles by simply pushing them off the back. They now may have to be picked up to be moved or removed, once on the lower scoring area.
  2. the human interaction is only limited to not touching the robot in any way with any part of your body. Touching the juice bottle is not considered touching the robot, but don’t slip up and grab any part of the robot for any reason.
  3. the fence or border goes all the way around the perimeter of the field. The human area is a taped area on the carpet outside of the field, the interaction zone is out side of the border between the human area and the field.

im still not clear on the safety zone. Is the boundry separating the safety zone from the field, where the robots move, or not? is the boundry separating the safety zone from the rest of the human interaction area? is the boundry separating the human interactive area from the drivers and the stands? please reply asap.

The safety zone is an area between the human player area and the field. It is techinally out of bounds in that it is beyond the barrier that goes all the way around the field, touching the ground in the safety zone will not have the same consequences it does if you robot touches the ground in other out of bounds areas (i.e. being disabled).

The only barrier between the safety zone and the human players is tape on the ground.

There is nothing but the shelves (and the normal barrier) between the crowd and the field.

I hope this helps.

Joe J.