Field Resetters Choosing Auto Outcome

Totally understandable. No hard feelings at all. :cool:

When I watched the kickoff I think I remember a statement being made which said that the rack can be moved and would be moved before each match starts. I thought I saw Aiden Brown (Head Ref) move the rack so my belief (maybe wrongly) is that the Head Ref will at least give each spider a nudge immediately before the match starts.

 G07 states "Center RACK position - After all six ROBOTS are in their starting positions and the DRIVERS, COACHES and HUMAN PLAYERS are in the ALLIANCE ZONE, the RACK will be moved (translated and/or rotated) to an arbitrary position so that the center of the RACK is within a 3 foot radius of the playing field center but the exact location and orientation of the RACK is unpredictable. After this point in time no ROBOT may be moved or repositioned until the match starts." I will be applying this rule.

 Given the above rule, If a team is expecting to be able to dead reckon the rack for autonomious then they have choosen unwisely.  If any question arises about the field conditions or otherwise, I would hope that those concerns be brought up to the Head Ref when appropriate (my memory fades quickly after handing in the score sheet so the sooner the better)