Field Safety Concern

We had half a field set up last weekend in preparation for a week 0 event. I noticed something that has been kind of bugging me.

The drivers station furthest from the boiler has an awful view of the boiler. The only way to really see the boiler is to lean way forward and basically put your head against the panel. It seems like something a driver may reflexively do (at least if they are tall enough). That drivers station is also right next to the opponents retrieval zone. Given the general sight lines it seems likely that that drivers station will get hit by robots traveling 10+ mph.

I am a little concerned about those two things happening at the same time. It doesn’t seem like that far fetched of a scenario to me. It’s been bugging me all week so I wanted to throw it out there as something to watch out for.

depending on your alliance I figure a non-fuel alliance partner would take that spot giving two fuel alliance partners a better view. That said, as teams get better and more teams are shooting fuel having teams able to rely on some sort of automation will probably be beneficial.

Putting a non-fuel team in that position may work for qualification matches, but stations are assigned during elimination matches. We simply need to warn drivers and operators not to lean on the panel. Or wear a helmet. ::safety::

You are assigned a player station in qualifications. I don’t see how drive teams can switch stations given C12 and the logistics of how matches are setup.

C12: Plug in to/be in your PLAYER STATION. The OPERATOR CONSOLE must be used in the PLAYER STATION to which the Team is assigned, as indicated on the Team sign.

Violation: The MATCH will not start until the situation is corrected. If during a MATCH, YELLOW CARD.

One intent of C12 is to prevent unsafe situations where long tethers to OPERATOR CONSOLE devices increase tripping hazards as the operator moves about the ALLIANCE STATION. In the interest of avoiding nuisance penalties associated with an operator stepping outside of a prescribed area, we prefer to offer a general guideline as to what it means to use the OPERATOR CONSOLE in the ALLIANCE STATION. Provided the operator is within close proximity of their PLAYER STATION, there will be no repercussions. However, if an operator is located more than approximately ½ PLAYER STATION width away from their own PLAYER STATION, that would be considered a violation of C12.

Edit: Couldn’t find where playoffs are discussed but finally did. Tournament 10.5.3 Playoff Matches:

ALLIANCE Leads are assigned to PLAYER STATION 2, the first picks are assigned to the PLAYER
STATIONS closer to the BOILER, and second picks are assigned to the PLAYER STATIONS closer
to the opponent’s LOADING STATION.

There was a team update where the elimination alliance station rules were changed to make Red/Blue the same. First pick is set nearest the boiler and 2nd pick is furthest from boiler.

You are absolutely right; that was a good update. Still, alliance’s don’t get to choose where they are stationed so it’s best to prepare for poor visibility with the use of cameras or drive coach assistance. Be wary of putting anything too close to the glass that will get rammed…

I’m actually worried about 2 other safety situations:
1> students running with a bin full of fuel from the boiler to the retrieval station with fuel in the drivers station area.
2> students lifting a 150 lb robot with a sea of fuel around their feet.

That is a good thing to know for those hosting week 0 events.

I am pretty sure I read that in the rules, but I cannot find where now so I deleted that post. :] Week zero event are often operated under relaxed rules so don’t counted on anything specific.

It’s in the latest team update.

2 is not allowed. Team members will not be allowed on the field until the fuel has been cleared.

It is not as far fetched as some might think. As a coach I have seen an robot come full speed and intentional crash into our alliance station wall during teleop to distract our driver. Yes, I did catch the laptop from falling to the ground.

Word of advice to coaches is to watch out what is going on around you and let the students drive. You keep them safe :slight_smile:

While I agree that this should be, I have not found anywhere that this is written.

The latest Team Update gave some details:

S e c ti o n 4. 6 Lo g i s ti cs
Once the MATCH is over, if the Head REFEREE determines that the FIELD is safe for FIELD Staff but not safe for everyone (e.g. the FIELD is littered with FUEL that may cause a tripping hazard for a DRIVE TEAM carrying a ROBOT), they will turn the LED strings purple. Once the FIELD is ready for regular traffic, the Head REFEREE will change the LED strings to green and DRIVE TEAMS may retrieve their ROBOT in accordance with S04.