Field Tape Placement

Has FIRST released any details regarding placement of field tape? I raise this concern because a programming mentor recently pointed out that the line-tracking sensor does not actually detect color, but rather tape v carpet. This creates the problem that the sensors could, possibly, while tracking a path, also pick up the warning & zone boundaries.

There are field drawings of this year’s game on USFIRST.

I believe they do include the tape placement.

That is correct.

These line sensors pick up only carpet vs. tape? I was under the impression that they were like the line sensors I’ve used before return a value between 0 and 1024 based on the darkness of the color. Guess this is not the case. Thanks for the info.

What I was saying “is correct” is that the official field drawings show where the lines are. I haven’t see whether the sensor output is analog or digital.

The line sensors interface using the Digital Side Car. You can change the sensitivity of the sensors via the dial on the sensor so that it changes from high to low where you want. There is another thread here on CD which discusses how to wire them to work.