i need to know all measurements not shown in the first 2008 guidelines, tips, & good practices book/manual. can anyone fill me in on this thing?

If you go to the USFIRST website, FRC competition, and documents and updates, there is a whole section of the rule manual that gives all of the dimensions of the field.

Specifically, Section 6 and the links immediately below it.

but i seen all docs and stuff but couldn’t find the measurements for the line marker i seen the measurements and did math but not sure if I’m right

but i seen all docs and stuff and came up with some bad math

The lane divider? That is 6’ tall and 27’ long, 1 1/2" OD pipe, according to Section 6. The lane divider tape is 2" wide.

ok im lost cause in 6.2.1 its 27 feet by 54 area but the line marker is in the line divider and the divider is?

54’ long, 27’ wide. You can fit a 27’ long divider plus tape down the middle of the long dimension with room to spare.

To be more clear: the Lane Divider would go at the 13.5’ mark that is the center of the 27’ field dimension. The center of the lane divider (13.5’) would go in the center of the 54’ dimension (at 26’). The lane divider is lengthwise with the field.

so if that is true your turn is? and what happens if its wide? i need measurements for that

I’m going to be honest and say I’m not sure what exactly your asking for, but every measurement you could possibly want regarding the field is contained in or can be derived from the documents you were referenced to at first.

The general field layout can be found here:

As Eric said the Lane Divider goes in the middle of the long dimension leaving a roughly (very roughly) oval shaped track 13.5’ wide all the way around the field.

you see where it says 2" tape white what are the measurements right there

In the 27’ direction (width) it is 13’ 5.75" as noted in the drawing. in the 54’ direction (length) it is approximately the same. If you build the lane divider according to the specs in the other documents and place the center of the lane divider at the center of the lane divider at the center of the long dimension (27’ in on the 54’ dimension), then the tape runs from the wall of the driver station to the lane divider.

can you brake it down like a fraction

In the 27’ it is right in the middle (1/2). In the long direction (54’), it goes

Tape (1/4)
Divider (1/2)
Tape (1/4)