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Working with simulation, when I have the infinite recharge field image selected, the icon/image for the robot (the default, I have not selected any file) is appropriately sized. When I switch to any one of the 2021 at home field images, the default robot icon is huge. The displayed size if I open the drop down to change the robot icon shows the same dimensions as when the icon is appropriately sized.

When you switch fields are you using the .json file or the actual image? Please use the .json file (you will have to select the file type PathWeaver JSON File) as that actually holds the size information!

Sorry should have said that upfront. I AM using the json file to select field image.

The size the robot is drawn is directly proportional to the size of the field. So if the field dimensions are smaller (in meters), the robot will be shown proportionally larger to keep it correctly scaled relative to the size of the field. It might be possible there’s a units problem–perhaps one is in feet and the other is in meters? The GUI will convert the field to meters when it loads it from the JSON, so the robot dimensions should be in meters as well.

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Ok. I see what is going on. Thanks. One thing though, when I change the field display image, this is not retained when I exit sim. Upon running sim again, I get the infinite recharge field and have to re select the challenge field I am working with. It would seem that when you change the field image it should be retained in imgui.ini.

It seems to be a bug where you need to explicitly close the SimGui window instead of just stopping the simulation by killing the command prompt that shows up when you start it. If you close the command prompt, changes to the SimGui won’t be saved to imgui.ini, but closing the SimGui itself will have your changes saved.

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