FIFA World Cup 2010 Thread

I was surprised there was no off-topic FIFA thread, especially with this years game celebrating the world cup.

So come here to discuss the anything World Cup or to cheer on your favorite team.

Go USA!!!

North Korea!!!

What foul?


What foul?

And he doesn’t have to explain himself until Monday! Strange rule!

AND he doesn’t have to say who or what the foul was on. What a system.::rtm::


He called the foul on Michael Bradley

What was it, though? If the account I’m reading of that play is correct, any foul on Bradley should have been called on the other team first, for holding.


The refs today (Germany and United States Games) weren’t to great.

In Brazil we say that the referee ruled a “goal danger”, an obviously ironic (and hopefully self-explaining) expression. :wink:

There is danger of a goal being made? That’s always the case, even when the ball’s near midfield.

(I think there is also another name for that sort of call–“excuse for the fans of instant replay to yell at X organization”.)

Hence, the irony! :wink:

About instant replay… I do not believe it will happen anytime soon, maybe ever. FIFA and International Board have a great point, which I’m not sure I agree with, that those discussions about referee rulings are an essential part of the sport. Every soccer fan has at least five very controversial rulings that he will most certainly pass on to his sons and daughters together with the love for the sport itself. And they will pass it on. And on. And big discussions will be held about it. Whether the US advances to the knock-outs or stays behind because of that goal, in twenty years people will still be talking about it. And that’s one of the reasons soccer has become, by far, the most popular - and loved - sport in the world.
You may not agree with the morality of that, but pragmatically, boy are they right on.

The original call seemed to be on Bradley for offsides, but when they put it into the records, I guess they realized there was no offsides… at all… or close. So they said foul. That’s my assumption anyway.

You’re quite correct in saying it should have been a penalty if there was a foul; the Slovenian players were far, far more aggressive, and one of their players actually tried to slide tackle Edu from behind as he scored.

Dude, I can’t believe they even scored on Brazil… BTW did you see their 1-1-8 formation? Pretty pathetic IMHO…

I agree. They may eventually decide on some form of goal-line technology - was the ball in the goal or not? But not on instant replay. For one thing, the dynamics of it are wrong. The whistle was already blown - how do you unblow it when the replay shows it should have been a goal? Maybe the keeper heard the whistle and didn’t try to save it. And as a poster-child for the camera not seeing everything, I present Esse Baharmast who was vilified for a call back in 1998 I believe. Three days later a print journalist produced a photo showing the blatant shirt hold that he had called. Three days is too long to wait for a confirmation.

I wish this referee was more like James Joyce (who called the safe play that ruined the perfect game). He saw the replay after the game, and publically apologized for his mistake. If this referee would and could only come out and say, “I saw a foul by XXX doing YYY. I evidently missed seeing all the other foul action going on at the same time.” But that conversation will only come between him and the match assessor, and probably later the referee committee when they decide on future assignments.

I’d take a ref at each end watching only the box (which is already in use elsewhere) over instant replay; but some people won’t go for anything less than instant replay.

A goal-line monitor could work, but it wouldn’t solve either of the two problems that have shown up (the hand-ball in the qualifiers, and now this). I’d go for explanation required if a number of players request it–nobody really knows what the call even was, except the ref, so even what was called is better than no explanation at all.

If that whistle is later shown to be a mistake, then I’m not sure there will be many more assignments for the ref for a while if he doesn’t acknowledge it at his media session. Would you want a ref who made that high-profile of a mistake and didn’t admit it? (Note that Jim Joyce was later voted as the best ump in MLB by the players, for admitting the mistake immediately and on his own accord.)

Instant replay to rule a foul is not possible in soccer because the game does not stop. The clock will continue to run. Also refs aren’t allowed to rule a foul off and video (Zidane’s red card is controversial because of this). It’s all part of the game.

Was I the only one who wanted to beat the crap out of the ref from the Brazil v Ivory Coast match?

I wanted to beat the crap out of the players too though…the period where Kaka got his second yellow. Just play soccer don’t try to beat the crap out of each other.