FIFA World Cup 2010 Thread

It aint soccer if there aint floppin.

I was talking about when the whole team went to attack Kaka. But if you are going to dive, do it better. Don’t grab your face when you were hit in the chest.

Anderson Varejao (Brazilian, by the way) should hold flopping seminars for the Brazilian soccer team.

Sort of off topic but this was not the reason that he was voted best. He has for a while been considered the most consistent umpire in baseball (as any one who has played any sport knows, no official calls every rule correctly, but as long as he/she calls it incorrectly consistently then you can adjust to play). That being said there is no question that Joyce and Gallarraga both handled that situation perfectly and maturely. Something that is extremely rare in sports today.

Quoted for truth

Hmm, sounds like the occasional FRC Regional event.

Oh man two awesome pairings are coming up.

Chile vs. Spain
Portugal vs. Brazil

These matches should be amazing. Too bad Kaka is suspended…:mad:

With Brazil having already advanced, I think Portugal will probably get the win (also, given form…).

Italy needs to step up their game. They’ve become a disappointment this time around. It makes me :(.

After watching US’ last match, I don’t get how anyone can possibly not like soccer.

USA wins group C advancing to the knockout tournament. Donovan is the man.

Because it took 90+ minutes to get to the exciting few moments?

I can watch that on SportsCenter.

Even golf and baseball have a much greater frequency of exciting plays.

I actually thought it was one of the best matches in the World Cup - the goal in the end was just a bonus. BUT, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We have a local sports commentator that says every basketball match should start 80-80 with 8 minutes left on the fourth quarter. :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing that is most frustrating to me is the amount of impact that a bad call by the referee can make to this game. In basketball, baseball, hockey, and football, there are many scoring opportunities. Due to this, a bad call by the ref is not as important as it is in soccer. Since the soccer scores are so low, one bad call can immensely impact a game.

For instance, in USA’s last two games, there were two goals disallowed for phantom off-sides penalties (or some other foul). These were two mistakes by refs. One bad call during the match against Slovenia cost the US the match. The bad call today almost did the same. In order for this game to be more enjoyable for me, the refs’ impact must be lower.

Andy B.

What offside?

(Seriously, it was so close I can see how the AR made the call. Even with lines drawn on the screen in super slo mo and freeze frame, it can’t be proven either way.)

**Phantom **off-sides :wink:

The reason, I think, that most Americans don’t like soccer is because they don’t appreciate how little it takes for everything to break loose and become exciting. From watching a few WC games with my co-workers I noticed that few of them notice the subtleties of play that get me all excited and on the edge of my seat. Heck, half the fun is watching the build-up on each offensive attack and how quickly it can become a counter attack.

I don’t know, I’ve always been a huge soccer fan, and not just because of offensive plays or really great attack strategies. Defensive strategies are just as impressive sometimes.


Soccer is the only sport I will actually sit down and watch. I can’t stand watching any other sport. I don’t know I just find soccer fun to watch. I don’t even watch the super bowl.

The beauty of soccer is its subtlety. A goal isn’t subtle, Portugal over N Korea 7-0 is not subtle, but just like golf, just like baseball, only when you really know the game can you see these things - and yes, they can get you on the edge of your seat.

Is it true that more people know the rules of soccer than any other sport? That it is played in every country of the world? I have no sources, but I can imagine these to be true.




These guys played together on my favorite team here in Brazil (São Paulo Futebol Clube)!!!

I hope so much that USA goes ahead at competition. The last finals of Confederations Cup between Brazil and USA was epic!!!

We’re waiting for Argentina on the final match!!!

Great video.