FIFA World Cup

Ok, I realize soccer ain’t America’s favorite sport, but… Are you guys watching the World Cup? Did you even knew it was going on? :slight_smile:

I knew it was going on because of the different logo on

of course I know it’s going on and I was watchig it yesterday. On June 8, my home country China gonnna face you Brazil:)

France lost yesterday…and theres a bunch of games on tomorrow morning at like the break of dawn…good 'ol soccer not getting on regular tv

the reason its not on at regular time is becuase it is in korea and japan so the live feeds start at like 5am.

HOCKEY! HOCKEY RULES! (Sorry, but I don’t care for Soccer, but it is cool!) I had to get something about hockey in this thread :smiley:

Ok it’s a soccer thread not a hockey thread 2 separate sports no mixing allowed. World Cup! w00t!!! I live for soccer! I am so excited to have a roommate who loves soccer as much as I do, even if she is Italian. I usually root for Brazil and I’ll be watching this year, but I must say Argentina is looking very strong this year. As for France’s loss… I’m happy they skated into tourneys all year simply because they are reigning champs (they have realy been performing poorly). Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch many live games because of my work schedule. it’s a pain having to get up for work at 5am. I will be watching either taped games or rebroadcasts of the good ones.

since France (FIFA’s #1 Ranked National Team) lost does that mean that Senegal is now the #1 team? Thats roughly how FIFA works, they just dont go by their rules…

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Suprises of the World Cup
After yesterday, Senegal

France is now ranked #4 with Argentina at #1 last I checked…

my school got out on the 31st…luckily i didnt have a morning final and watched the France/Senegal game.

DJ…sorry to say, but the USA will squeak out of their group only to be crushed. Italy is going to win it over Argentia(or the team that wins the Group of Death)

on another note: soccer should be considered in higher regard…it takes more endurance, more skill, and more finesse than any other sport in the world

i was actually gonna start a thread just like this but i was too lazy to do it…anyway, yes i’m watching EVERY GAME! i haven’t missed one yet!! i can’t wait to watch Germany vs. Ireland! and US vs. Portugal! those 2 are gonna be excellent matches…i personally think either Argentina or Brazil are gonna take Cup home…

*Originally posted by Perseus *
DJ…sorry to say, but the USA will squeak out of their group only to be crushed. Italy is going to win it over Argentia(or the team that wins the Group of Death)

The world cup always has many suprises…Senegal was one of them, and I think the US could be the other one…if claudio renya stays healthy

Don’t forget the defense of Agoos and Pope.

2.5 hours to kickoff of US vs Portugal.


I was a fullback.
And a goalie.

Forget not the defense.

For those of you who don"t like waking up at 2:30 to watch the cup, just go nocturnal for the summer. Wake up when the matches start and stay up for 14 hours, then sleep until the next matches start.

Personally I think the US and Portugal are going to be the teams that continue from group D. After that the US will probably get ravaged, but at least they won"t be dead last like in France. If Portugal and the US turn out to be group D"s strongest teams, the US\Portugal game will be awesome. (It would also be good if Mathis gets some playing time as well.)

All three goals came in the first 30 minutes or so.
That third goal by McBride was pretty cool

No Renya OR Mathis, but still we win.


You can read the coverage in the Washington Post


Dosn't everyone stay up to 4 or 5 am normaly?

I love the hockey, but soccer is a good sprt as well,
Im certainly watching the soccergames…now that my Toronto Maple leafs lost…Carolina is a tough team…go canes :slight_smile:
And for the soccer…Polan is gonna win over the USA…portugal will be first in that grop…poland secod…and usa and korea…out :slight_smile:
could be wishful thinking :slight_smile:
good luck all


I am gay!

what a win!!! but i hope that mathis does start scoring. Not only is he the US’s biggest threat, if he gets to play premiere ball, he will be so much better in 2006

been watching soccer very closely! England is going to kick %%% in the England - Argentina match! can’t wait! Go Brits!

well as you may have noticed i always root for the home team!

go usa!!

go canes!!

and i might as well go for it…

go tigers!!!