File Format Conversion Solidworks to Inventor

Ok guys, help me out here, Myself, and a fellow mentor are both working on a gearbox, he is using Solidworks, and I - Inventor 9. Does anyone know of a program, or a way to, convert the files so that I can open and work on them? I tryed to download Raster RxHighLight 6.2, but in it’s trial version it was too restrictive, and I was unable to perform the operations I needed. I also was unable to find a “patch” for the current build of 195. I was wondering if anyone else ran into this same problem - I’m sure people have, as we are living in a world filled with many different cad programs, I can’t imagine there not being a inexpensive way to convert them. (or am I wrong, and is that why RxHighLight costs 600 dollars?)

haha, my brother just sent me something he made in solid works so I could open in inventor.

Save the file (in solidworks) as a .STEP, then go to inventor and hit open, that at the bottom of the file list should be .STEP, open it and bingo! You shouldnt need any special conversions, at least I don’t think, my brother didn’t meantion any thing.

Ok, Good to know, I was unaware of Solidworks ability to save in that format. That’ll work. Thanks for helpful info.