Files for field elements?

I haven’t found any threads or resources containing CAD files for any of the field elements… Do these exist or would we have to create our own?

Link doesn’t work. It says it’s unavailable due to site maintenance or something.

Interesting. Just tried it and it works fine for me.

We have the same problem. We’re trying to build the field elements so the local teams can practice. What would help significantly is to find 2D CAD drawings in a vector format (e.g., *.dwg, *.dwf). We plan on using a ShopBot CNC router. We found the 3D CAD drawings, but can’t convert them to 2D.

Hey Richard,

You can use SolidWorks and create drawings from the field assembly file, which you can download from the link posted previously:
Once you do this, you can save it as a 2D CAD file in the specified format ( *.dwg, *.dxf). You just have to adjust the scaling but it should work!