Filming the games

Hi, I am a member of a team from isreal. we will compete in a week and we thought to film all of the games for later strategy thinking. I am sure we are not first ones to think about it. Do you have any tips for doing it? Can we connect to FIRSTs cameras so we won’t need to do it ourselves?

I know about the brodcast but we want to see the games from every angle all of the time and the broscast might focus on one robot.


usually Events will stream the regionals and host it somewhere (for example Isreals regional last year) you could also see if you are allowed to set up a camera at the event to record, though some events may not allow it.

From my experience from doing this before, is that it becomes very tedious and boring todo. If you want to make this something easier find specific matches to record, but if you want to record the entire regional? Hear me out its a real hassle. Ive tryed to do something like this before. Usually if you have good scouting data you dont really need video although it kind of helps. I found it to be a big waste of time when it comes to making it someones task to sit there and record and entire regional when you might not even use half of what you grabbed. There are companies that have come to our regionals and done this before like Robovision and they do a really good job when all of there equipment work, but I could only imagine just sitting there presing record stop record the entire day… No fun, but you want to try it out for yourself I wish you luck and I hope it helps.

Your best bet is probably to find a spot with a good view of the whole field (higher is better), set up a camera on a tripod, press record and let it go.

One of my favourites was someone who filmed the Curie field last year from somewhere in the roof trusses, giving a straight top-down view. I don’t know how they got up there and I don’t necessarily recommend it, but it was a really neat angle.